This past weekend the girls competed in an eight team, two pool tournament at the Volleydome.

We were seated in a pool of four with two U14 Canuck teams and one U13 Canuck team. The first match was against the U13 team seeing the day was all about growth and development, the girls played a 4-2 offence with whomever was in position #2 being the setter. Uncomfortable at first for the middle and right side hitters, it proved to still be successful as they beat the U13 team in both sets. The remaining sets and matches proved to be more challenging and in one instance the girls had to come from behind a 13 point deficit to beat one of the teams.

In the crossover, the girls played the Springbank Storm who took the first set, but then were overcome by a more focused and determined 403 Selects team who won the next two sets. As it turns out, the final went the same way with the 403 Selects team winning the tournament.

Overall the day proved to be a very successful one and some good information was gathered by the coaches to help develop practice plans for the next couple of weeks. Thanks again to the parents and spectators, I believe we were the best supported team out there, we even had our own paparazzi following us about taking a lot of pictures!