January 22, 2011 saw two of our teams experience early tournament action, competing in the traditionally exciting Volleydome 18U/17U exhibition tournament. Our 18U and 17U teams had entered the early tournament with the same thoughts as all participants. It’s a great tournament to help identify areas of opportunity for teams to work on. In that regard, neither of our teams walked away disappointed, with the coaches agreeing; there’s much to do to prepare for the upcoming Calgary AVA Premier Tournament on March 5th and 6th.

It was a long and tiring day as both teams battled through their respective pools. The playoffs were determined by matches, games, and points for and against. When the smoke had cleared, the 17U’s were thrilled to find they’d placed first overall after completing their five round robin matches. Finishing first meant they’d earned themselves a spot in the tournament final. Who would they be pitted against? As it turned out, they were going to face another very hard working team that finished a very close second overall, after their own pool play. It was to be a team that they practice beside, week after week. That’s right, it was a purple vs. purple affair, with the 18U team entering the final with something to prove. Understandably, both of these teams know quite a bit about one another’s strengths and weaknesses and the final competition of the day promised to be an exciting, fun filled matchup for the athletes and fans.

In a hotly contested final, these two teams had to battle through three sets to determine the tournament champion. With the final whistle marking the end of the tournament, the 18U group had flexed their might, exercised their court smarts and came away with a well deserved victory. The coaching staffs were very proud of the effort put forth by each and every member of both teams. They’d also like to extend a special thanks to the parents, who once again took exceptional care of the athletes and coaches during the tournament.

While neither group is taking this outcome for granted, seeing both of our juvenile teams walk away with the top two spots was still a sweet result. Congratulations to the 403 Selects 18U team and the 17U team for winning Gold and Silver respectively. A promising start to the 2011 season, to be sure!