Kicking off the third VA Premier tournament of the season, 403 finished fourth in a strong ‘A’ Power Pool with Queens, Pandas and Dinos. Highlights from the round robin matches included a 24-26 second set loss to Dinos and an exhilarating 14-16 third set loss against Queens.

This set up a tough crossover match against a surging Canuck Red team who knocked off Selects 2-0.

A resilient group emerged on Sunday. Two hard-fought wins against FOG and Panthers boosted 403 into the Consolation Final. An aggressive 7 Persons team bested the Selects in the match, winning 2-0.

“We had a productive team meeting following our last match,” said head coach Nick Davies. “A shift in mindset is necessary and everyone acknowledges the areas we need to address in training to better compete with the top teams in a very competitive age group.”

“Our end goal was not this tournament and knowing that we are capable of greater things as a group is an exciting feeling going into the final month of the season. As a coaching staff, we saw numerous positives and will be building on those in the coming weeks.”

Special thank you goes out to the Szott family for hosting an evening of team bonding on Friday and brunch between Saturday morning matches.