This past weekend we travelled to Spruce Grove, Alberta to the Tri Leisure facility. A great venue to watch our girls apply their skills! We began 9am on Saturday morning against SAS Valour, a team that we lost to in our last AVA. This time around the tables were turned and we dominated with a win in two sets, 25-11 and 25-20. Our next match was against MRU – whom we just barely lost to in three sets; 23-25, 25-22, and 13-15. Our third match was against Ft McMurray Thunder – whom we beat in three sets; 25-21, 24-26, and 15-8. Our cross over match was a tough one, against SPVC from Pool A. We lost the first set 13-25 and started the second one with a huge deficit; but we came back from a 15-24 position to lose 21-25. It was a great come-back effort and although we lost, we left the day on a high note.

The next day started again at 9am, this time against Canuck Black. We came out slowly, losing the first 12-25, then stormed back in the second winning 25-15, but couldn’t keep it going, losing the third 11-15. Our sixth game was against EKVC; whom we had trouble with in AVA #1 and #2. This time, we dominated in both sets winning 25-16 and 25-13. This match was especially exciting to watch as our girls that haven’t had a lot of game time over the weekend were out there and putting on a great show of their skills and talent. It was especially sweet to watch how their chemistry together put together a great win. Our final game was vs Taber WHAM!. We faced this team in AVA #2 as well, but could not put together a win, losing in three 25-22, 22-25, and 9-15. At the end of the tournament, we placed 14th overall.

We ended our day with a sunny photo on the front lawn of the leisure centre, and a leisurely drive back home to Calgary. It was an up and down weekend, some of our players were struggling mentally with their game and their bodies are starting to show the wear and tear of the season. On the other hand, some of our developing players had some excellent moments to demonstrate their skills and game play. It is great to see when everyone on the team gets their time on the court and even better when they can show off for their parents and grandparents!
Next up – Nationals in Calgary on the third weekend in May. Our last big tournament and a fun event to look forward to for our girls who have been working so hard all year long. Overall, this has been a season of player development – a process that has many ups and downs a long the way, but we are still moving in the positive direction.