Top 10 Reasons to Choose 403 Selects

1. PACT (Parents Athletes Coaches Together) – Our club is a FAMILY

From try-outs to the signing day, to practice and travel, you’ll learn what it’s like to be a valued member of one of Canada’s best youth clubs. We strive to create a situation where ALL families at all levels are supported… and support, are mentored… and mentor. Carpools and pooled resources, assistance and support, flexibility and adaptability from all levels of club participants – all for the benefit of the athletes and their families.

  • 403 Selects is committed to ensuring we continue to adapt to the ongoing operational and cultural requirements that ensure the youth sports experience is a positive one for our athletes.
  • There will be PACT sessions that are educational and informative in nature.
  • A PACT committee comprised of parents, athletes and coaches in each age group will help with the operations of the club – from culture directives to social media posts.
  • Our goal is to ensure our parents, athletes and coaches experience “next level” enjoyment of their youth sports experience by ensuring PACT educates and engages all invested parties in positive interactions, communication and problem-solving.

2. Our Focus is Developing Volleyball Athletes

Athletes do not develop sitting on the bench. Gameplay is essential to development. Bench sitters are for other teams. We find the best mix at each age level and we develop them all. Small teams of 10-12 players = more playing time. Coaches are committed to playing all players in the appropriate game circumstances and extra tournament play in Canada and the US ensure there are plenty of opportunities to do so.

3. Unique Practice Environment and Diverse Coaching Synergy!

A diverse team of experienced coaches is committed to developing the potential of each of our athletes – both technically and mentally. 78 athletes and a minimum of 8 coaches practice throughout the week, at consistent times at the same venue. Having all 403 Selects coaches together with their respective teams means we’re able to utilize our coaching resources and coaching strengths with maximum flexibility. This allows for more effective assessment and mentoring and more specialized technical and positional training.

4. Player Development Beyond the Usual!

Committed to providing excellent technical development opportunities for our athletes, 403 has recruited a coaching staff that will ensure this will happen, BUT we recognize that our athletes also need a commitment to help them navigate the mental stresses of being a high-performance student-athlete. Mentors and speakers arranged by coaches, as well as by the Club administration will provide opportunities to learn coping strategies to deal with the daily athlete stresses/challenges. Athletes will be supported through these all sport experiences by their coaches, club administration & board of directors.


A talented group of athletes who are committed to a team first philosophy supersedes our interest in a group of individuals who have talent. We are committed to selecting driven, hard-working, athletic, like-minded, character human beings who possess a desire to excel within the team dynamic. 403 Selects athletes have a true understanding of what TEAM means. Everyone contributes at 403 Selects.

6. Athlete First Philosophy!

Our season experiences are carefully planned and executed, from international tournaments to special development sessions, mentorship & speakers. It is all about our ATHLETE FIRST philosophy. We strive to develop the whole athlete and endeavor to make decisions regarding this development that puts the needs of our athletes first.

7. Experience International Travel & Competition

In addition to attending all VA Tournaments and Volleyball Canada’s Western or National Tournament, every team (season will have an opportunity to experience international competitive play in at least one major U.S. Tournament. Depending on the age group, San Jose, and Las Vegas, Kansas City are examples of destinations during past seasons.

8. Parents are our Foundation!

Parents form the foundation of the positive support group for all athletes on all teams and support club operations by being actively involved. Shared volunteerism is one of the keys to our teams and club success. Our parents understand the difference between pushing and supporting. We are “fans, not fanatics”! We don’t just support our own daughters – we support all daughters on all 403 Selects teams.

9. True Athlete

Learn to be a true, well-rounded athlete through 403 Selects experiences that will train & reinforce with instruction and lessons on integrity, teachable spirit, academic responsibility, confidence, discipline, accountability, mental toughness, pride/humility, leadership/service, and selflessness/teamwork.

10. Dream Big!

Enjoy step-by-step support from the club during the pursuit of your volleyball playing dreams in junior high, high school and beyond. Through club staff knowledge & affiliation of the post-secondary process, 403 athletes receive the support needed to pursue post-secondary playing and educational opportunities in both Canada and the U.S.A.

All 403 Selects athletes receive access/invites to exclusive opportunities and have the backing of one of Canada’s most respected clubs.