Another phenomenal weekend of volleyball has come to a close as the 17U girls competed in their second VA Premiere tournament in Calgary.  Seeded 5th in the South, the girls began their power pool in a challenging bracket consisting of NAVC Gold 17, Canuck 17 and Outer Limits 17 based out of Edmonton.  After coming up short against a strong NAVC team, the girls dug deep and rallied back for 3 consecutive wins, including an all important crossover match against Canuck 18, insuring a top 8 Division 1 ranking.  Once again, 403 faced off in an early morning quarterfinal match against the U18 Junior Dinos.  Fueled by the thrill of the hunt and a worthy opponent, the girls played with incredible heart and intensity, besting their result from their first battle and providing onlookers with a fantastic match.  Looking to improve upon their provincial ranking, the girls played an enjoyable, although stressful, final match against a feisty SAS Valor 17 team.  Working hard as a team, the U17 girls were able to overtake a highly defensive St Albert squad pushing through a 3 game match to clinch a 5th place finish in Division 1.  Congratulation ladies, it was a privilege to watch your journey this weekend and to watch you triumph!


As always, a huge thank you to the coaches for choosing to spend time with their 403 family, and to the parents and fans in the stands for their ongoing support and encouragement.