Test – Team site

Test – Team site

Kelly & Sinik claim 16U Provincial Gold

Congratulations to 403 Selects 17U athletes Avery Kelly & Alex Sinik. 2018 Beach Provincial Champions! 🏐💜

17U Open Courts


Cost is $20 per athlete cash, payable at each session. Please bring a water bottle. Open gym will focus on individual skill development and team play.

For details and positions open for next year please view: 

In order to manage athlete-coach ratios, athletes must pre-register by email at: mhoang@403selects.ca.


Rally Pointe

17U Purple, Pride & Perserverance

Day One

17U Selects converged on the court ready for competition Saturday morning when they faced off against Flare. The girls started out and stayed strong through set 1. It was a good, close game from beginning to end and had the fans commenting on the caliber of play and competition. Score 25-21 Selects. Set 2 was essentially a cookie cutter version of the first with some impressive rallies and passionate play. Even the score followed suit and 403 secured another 25-21 win. The second game on Saturday found the girls up against Tabor Wam. This game was characterized by excellent rallies, acrobatic digs and powerhouse blocks. U17 blasted through with a first set score of 25- 18.

After an almost full line change, 403 came out strong again. A five-point serving streak occurred early in the game and set the stage for a large point spread to emerge. The girls noticeably enjoyed the game play and filled the court with smiles and positive and productive chatter. Final score was 25-12. Saturday’s third game saw intense competition for our warriors in purple, as they battled against NAVC. At first, the game was point answered by point, but as happens in volleyball, momentum swayed and the girls found themselves down 11-15. All it took was a smart play to regain possession of the ball and a powerful serving streak to bring the girls back into the game. The score was tied at 18 and then went back to a point for point game until 23 when a brilliant rally and amazing dig won the game for the girls. Set 2 against NAVC was a bit of a tumultuous game. 403 started behind, regained control, moved ahead, and tied at 16. From there, the girls scored a slam dunk and continued forward to a strong fight for dominance and a final score of 25-20 for selects.

The crossover game, against Edmonton’s Momentum, took the girls all 3 sets to secure the win, but secure it they did. Set one had a promising start with the girls ahead 14-7. Sadly the “momentum” swung the other way, and the girls lost 25-20. Set two had the girls back on track with an early lead. This game was characterized by solid serving, and spirited support from the bench. Enthusiasm and good vibes helped spur the girls on to secure a 25-17 win. The third set was just a flash in the pan as the girls won handily with a final score of 15-1.

Day Two

Sunday’s first game was against Queens – a formidable opponent. The game was a back and forth seesaw battle with both teams playing hard. Midway through the match the girls were playing with confidence and smarts. In the end however, some unlucky bounces and strong net play by Queens left 403 with a loss at 25-20. Set two was characterized by long rallies and one exceptionally nice power kill. Midway through, the girls found themselves with a four-point deficit. They battled back, with strong play and great digs, and managed to rattle Queens’ confidence. The girls then took advantage of their opponent’s mistakes and pulled out a three-point win. Let me tell you – fans got real bang for their entertainment buck! Sadly, the third set against Queens ended in a disappointing loss.

The second game of the day against WAM went three sets to provide the win. Overall, the game was characterized by tenacious play, solid blocks, strategic hits from well placed sets, and an ACE timed just right. Velocity was the final opponent of the Tournament. Set one started off point for point, but failing to convert cost the girls a couple of kills. Despite valiant effort, Selects were unable to get things going and ended up with a tough loss. Set two found Velocity take an early lead, but the girls of 403 collected themselves, found their game and battled hard to a 25-18 win. Set three was anyone’s game. The teams exchanged leads and were ahead 8-7 at the switch. 403 Selects continued to display skill in playmaking and digging up the ball. The girls played an intense and passionate game but in the end lost 15-17.

The overall feeling from the weekend was one of pride for excellent play, great learning opportunities, and team cohesiveness. Way to go girls!

Fight to the 403 fin


17U met at the hotel, got settled in and then headed off to a nice meal at Milestones where they enjoyed some pre-tournament bonding and time to revisit their goals for the weekend.

Day 1

Play began at 9:00 am against St. Albert Fusion. Fusion was a formidable opponent and came out strong. The girls were down 11-5 before the first time out, but were not to be held down for long. With some strategic play and hard work, they managed to tie the game up at 19. It continued to be a close game, right to the end, but the girls prevailed and pulled out a 26-24 win. The competition was off to a great start! The second match ended just as the first had, with a two point spread, and positive feelings all around.

The second game went to three sets against Bonnyville Rhinos. The fist set ended with a loss for the Selects. Bonnyville came out strong and forced purple to bring some more intensity. The second set found the girls having to test their metal. They came from behind with a score of 0-8, tied it up at 12 and then persevered to the end with a strong win. The third set saw the girls turn the tables and was completed with a quick and classy game of volleyball. Fun to watch. Game three ended in two sets with a disappointing loss for 403. SLVC Wave got the girls off balance early, and although they fought valiantly, they were unable to get back on top.

The crossover game was a totally different story. The girls put the Wave loss behind them and started the game against Edmonton’s Momentum with spirits high. All three sets of this game were characterized by smart and supportive play. The girls pulled out the win in the third set after a controversial call on Momentum with a ball that was put back into play from the 403 side of the net. As luck would have it, the ball did not come back on the right side of the play and 403 was awarded a well deserved win.

Day 2

After an early night, 17U 403 was back on the court facing St. Albert. The first set ended in a win with a 15 point spread. The play was highlighted by a strong serving run followed by some great supportive plays. The second set found the girls communicating effectively. They were alert, ready and hard on the block. Their smart positioning allowed them to be quick to dig up the ball and they were able to find the floor with some strategic ball placements.

Semi finals found the girls opposing Lethbridge Flare. Although purple handled this game quickly, both sets included some excellent rallies that made for great entertainment for all who watched.

To finish off the weekend on a high note, 17U Selects found themselves on the other side of the net from 18U Selects. This game saw passionate play on both sides fueled by mutual admiration and respect for the game and the club. It was a great game of friendly rivalry and strong battles. 17U lost in the end but they did not go down easily. It was anyone’s game right to the end and a memorable completion to a great tournament. Well done girls. Your 403 class was shining bright along with the gold and silver medals!!!!!

The coaches were really pleased with the outcome of the tournament, and proud of the girls’ progress. They are excited for the next few weeks of training before Provincials.

17U Bounce back weekend in Okotoks!

Day 1

Premier 2 began against the St. Albert Royals. The first game started out with an exciting point

for point match. 17U 403 built off of the strong team bonds created in Phoenix and demonstrated great

team play. They even managed to win the heart of the ref, who actually clapped after an amazing dig

that resulted in a hard won point. Final score saw a 403 win 25-17.

The next set found the girls creating an early gap before a change in momentum and some

corresponding struggles for calm. A shift change stirred things up and the girls were able to pull it back

in to win 25-21. No third set required.

Purple and white were not so lucky in their game against Sylvan Lake Wave. Although they started out

with a strong 25-19, they lost the next two sets.

Game three had our u17s back in the driver’s seat with a two set win against Plamondon’s Fury. This

game was characterized by powerful serves and strong rallies.

The fourth game of the day started with a loss to SAVC lightning. Unwilling to give up, the girls came

back in the second game to pull out a win. Some wise words from Steve right before the last point did

the trick, and the girls brought it home. With some added confidence, the girls handily won the last set

setting them up for an opportunity to play for first and move up to division 1.

Day 2

17U and a happy set of parents and coaches got a little extra sleep on Sunday morning with a

10:15 start. The first set against EKVC found the girls still a bit on the groggy side. They lost the first set


The second set was the most exciting set of the tournament. It started out as a point for point game

and was tied up at 21. The game continued with some excellent rallies where each point was answered

one for one. Tied 24-24, EKVC scored, tied 25-25, 403 point, tied 26-26 nails were bitten. 403 conquered

at 36-34, and the moms all booked manicures while the dads looked for defibrillators.

Sadly, the third set ended in a defeat.

Not to be kept down for long, after a switch in venue, the girls won the next two sets against

Bonneville’s Rhinos 25-18 and 25-22. It was white jerseys against black jerseys and the girls

demonstrated solid blocks and cheers that allowed white jerseys to prevail.

The last game of the day and the weekend was once again against EKVC Wave. The girls fought it out all

three sets, and in the end, took the last set 15-3. A solid victory and finish.

Coach Steve was happy with the team’s progress. His aim is to as a team, continue to work toward the

long-term goals they hope to achieve, first at Premier 3, and then at Provincials in Edmonton.”

17U Premier 1 – Season launch

Day 1 – The U17’s started the tournament with a tough draw but faced three strong 18U teams with courage and determination. They began the day strong demonstrating both excitement and focus. In the second set, they were able to calm right down and execute strategic plays. Selects started the second game of the day against Fernie 18U down 10-3. However, after a quick player switch, the girls turned things around and battled point for point, right to the end but lost 23-25. After this, they were able to build on their momentum and take the next two sets quite handily. In the third game of the tournament, the girls faced their fears, and went up against the formidable 18U Dinos. Although they did not walk away with the win, they put up a great fight earning double digit scores in each of the sets played. The last game of the day saw the girls up against EKVC 18U. The girls made some impressive plays, but were unable to obtain the win. For some comic relief and a short break in play, the selects small but mighty libero powered the game ball up into the rafters where it will wait to be retrieved at a later date.

Day 2 – Despite heavy snowfall warnings and freezing temperatures, the girls traveled to Okotoks for the second leg of the tourney. Day 2 started with a match against Tabor WAM. Selects were back to a full line-up and were able to clinch a win in two games. Once in the field house, the girls played against TSAVC where they won the first set 25-18. The second set of the game proved to be a bit more challenging with some controversial calls and some unlucky bounces. They did not give up and managed to pull off the win and set themselves up for an exciting final game.

For the final game, purple and black played SLVC Blue. It was a difficult game that challenged the girls mentally. Although it was a tough end to the first tournament, many lessons were learned, and the girls began to really gel as a team.

Coach Steve felt that the team did a great job of mitigating errors. He is feeling positive about the baseline they will be working from to move forward to Phoenix and the rest of the season. He is most impressed with how his players, challenged with new positions, are stepping up and embracing the opportunities to learn and expand their skills.

The highlight of the tournament was the team spirit sported in Dholi’s purple “highlights”. Could this be a new trend for the team? Only time will tell. Coaches??????

Team Canada athlete Niles mentors 403 juvenile athletes

On Monday evening practice, the 17U and 18U 403 Selects teams were given a very special opportunity, when they were joined by National Team libero Jessie Niles.

Niles held an impromptu inspirational Q+A with the group of athletes & coaches, prior to running them through a few drills on the hardcourt.

Just a couple of Pandas – Jessie and 17U coach Sierra were teammates at University of Alberta!

She then hopped in with the 17U team drills and gameplay for the remainder of practice.

Niles suited up for the University of Alberta Pandas from 2011 to 2016, but actually didn’t start playing libero until late in her freshman season. She ended her university career #1 atop Pandas all-time digs records. (Wow!) She was named Pandas Volleyball MVP in her final two seasons (2014-15, 2015-16) and was named Canada West Student-Athlete of the Year in her final season.

“Jump on every opportunity you can.”

image courtesy: volleyball canada

“All of those extra touches and extra reps will make a difference in the long run,” said the Pandas alum.

“Take control of your own destiny – really be mindful in the way that you practice. I have a little journal that I write in every practice.”

When asked about what she had done over the years to keep herself healthy for post secondary, national team, professional and beyond, she stressed the importance of physical fitness.

Niles also mentioned mental training as being super important, as well as working on the mental side of the game as you would any other skill.

A big THANK YOU to you Jessie for volunteering your knowledge to help our girls and for being such a positive female role model! All the best in the future.

17U/18U Fall Open Courts

17U/18U Fall Open Courts

Open to female athletes of any experience level or club affiliation entering into 17U or 18U for the 2017 Season.

Sessions will involve individual skill work and aspects of team play.

Cost is $20 cash, payable at each session.

In order to manage athlete-coach ratios, athletes must pre-register by email to Coach Mapé at: smape@403selects.ca. Please indicate if you are a U17 or U18 athlete in your pre-registration email.

To guarantee your spot at the session please email to pre-register. Athletes who do not pre-register may be turned away due to limited space.


Sunday September 25, 2pm-4pm, Rally Pointe


Sunday October 23, 2pm – 4pm, Rally Pointe


Sunday November 6, 4pm-6pm, Rally Pointe – TIME CHANGE

Sunday November 20, 2pm – 4pm, Rally Pointe

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