Team MVP Award Recipients

The 403 Selects Volleyball Club MVP awards are presented annually to one outstanding athlete from each team whose performance consistently contributed positively to the team’s success. This person is the best overall team player. The MVP awards are determined by coaches from each team and are awarded prior to the end of the season.

2018/2019 MVP Recipients

18U  Girls: tbd

17U  Girls: tbd

16U  Girls: tbd

15U  Girls: tbd

14U  Girls: tbd

13U  Girls: tbd (Purple) / tbd (Black)

2017/2018 MVP Recipients

18U  Girls: Jessica Holden

16U  Girls: Taylor Cangemi

15U  Girls: Maryn Boldon

14U  Girls: Micalee Chow

13U  Girls: Amy Mills (Purple) / Keyara Keating (Black)

2016/2017 MVP Recipients

18U  Girls: Cara Masi

17U  Girls: Grace McKale

16U  Girls: Johanna Dixon

15U  Girls: Lydia Maximnuk

14U  Girls: Hailey Kennedy

13U  Girls: Micalee Chow (Purple) / Marlyn Ma (Black)

2015/2016 MVP Recipients

18U  Girls: Debbie Nyarko

17U  Girls: Laura Alongi

16U  Girls: Katie Klotz

15U  Girls: Emileigh Inglis

14U  Girls: Polina Golovina 

13U  Girls: Teleah Cowper 

2013/2014 Team MVP Recipients

13U Girls Athlete: Stephanie Bernier

14U Girls Athlete: Brooke Evason 

15U Boys Athlete: Braden Gerlitz 

15U Girls Athlete: Michaela White 

16U Girls Athlete: Josee Trudeau & Abby Spratt

17U Girls Athlete: Vanessa Biggs

18U Girls Athlete: Ashley Heigold

2012/2013 Team MVP Recipients

13U Girls Athlete: Tess McNaughton

14U Girls Athlete: Lexi Pert

16U Girls Athlete: Payton Keating

17U Girls Athlete: Madison Richter

18U Boys Athlete: Taylor Klassen

2011/2012 Team MVP Recipients

13U Girls Athlete: Kenzie Vaandering

14U Girls Athlete: Payton Keating

15U Girls Athlete: Tessa Greiner

16U Girls Athlete: Michaela Ostlund

17U Boys Athlete: Taylor Klassen

17U Girls Athlete: Abbey Glaciar

18U Girls Athlete: Emily Johnson