We are back on track!

This weekend was our Premier AVA # 3; hosted at Rally Point, in Calgary. Our girls started bright and early Saturday morning against Edmonton’s NOOKS. The first set started out slowly, as if nerves and bad memories were haunting them. But by the middle of the first set, things started to change and through collective hard work, determination and a mind reset – they came back from a nine point deficit, to not only take the lead, but then close out the win 27-25. The girls followed this with another strong set, winning 25-18. Although they followed this high with a large time break, the girls took that focus, confidence and resiliency to heart from their first game and relied on if for the rest of the day as they did not lose a match for the rest of the day – beating Ace of Hearts in two sets 25-12, 25-12; followed by LVC 27-25, 25-18. Their cross over was against Rhinos with a dominating performance 25-12 and 25-9. Our girls ended the day tired, but strong and confident.

The girls started Day two by continuing their winning streak – taking Sexsmith Sonics 25-22 and 25-15. Following this, they took on Fort McMurray Thunder, again winning in two sets; 25-19 and 25-13. With this, they were heading into the gold medal match against St Albert Sturgeons and fighting hard for first place in Division Two. They went point for point with the Sturgeons, taking them to three sets, but could not quite close out the win, losing 24-26, 25-16, and 16-14. Our girls were so pleased to come away from this AVA with both a silver medal and the knowledge that they have pulled themselves back in to Division One!

The most striking take away from the weekend was the overwhelming effort displayed by all the girls on the court. The effort to play hard for every point and for each other – to dig up the impossible shots, power through a kill to end the play in our favour, shake things off if a play messed up, and then reset to work together for a collective win appears to have been on the minds of each player. The girls stepped out of their comfort zone, took more risks and played hard; perhaps surprising themselves at what they could accomplish when they focused on that next level. This AVA showed the girls that they are capable of great things – and that all that hard work with their coaches is starting to pay off if they just start to apply it and believe in each other and themselves.

As always, the stands were full of beaming parents and grandparents – so proud to see how well our girls can put a great tournament together and reach their collective goals. Well done girls – you are back where you belong!