403 Selects Statement of Principle for Athletic Scholarship

(a) 403 Selects believes in the principle of amateurism, that is, that an amateur athlete is one who engages in athletics for the physical, emotional, social and educational benefits derived from the sport of volleyball, and to whom the sport is an avocation.

(b) 403 Selects recognizes that financial assistance is required in some instances or the athlete may not otherwise be able to participate in a sport in which they have demonstrated the potential to excel. At 403 Selects our financial assistance will be provided through Athletic Scholarships to those athletes demonstrating a financial need.

(c) 403 Selects recognizes the valuable contribution of its corporate partners who make the financial contributions to support the athletes and families, for without them this aid would not be possible.

(d) 403 Selects may award the student-athlete scholarship if the athlete has exhibited qualities that will enhance the development of the team dynamic, the athlete herself and the 403 Selects Volleyball Club as an organization.

403 Selects Regulations Regarding Athletic Scholarship

(a) When a student’s athletic ability and need is taken into consideration in any degree in the awarding of unearned financial aid, it shall not be awarded for a period in excess of one indoor club season as defined by the Alberta Volleyball Association.

(b) Athletic Scholarships are open to any athlete who has signed a Participating Letter of Intent (PLI) provided by 403 Selects as a part of the invitation process of membership.

(c) The intention of the scholarship is to help assist with club registration fees, travel and incidental costs associated with the normal activities of an athlete through a regular club season.

How to Apply for a 403 Selects Athletic Scholarship

Please complete the following application form and return to 403 Selects Volleyball Club. Your application will be reviewed by the Directors of the Association and you will be contacted for a final interview. Your application will be confidential.

Download the Application