Purple Heart Award Recipients

The 403 Selects Volleyball Club Purple Heart awards are presented annually to one athlete from each team who best exemplifies drive, enthusiasm, perseverance and athletic performance. The Purple Heart awards are determined by coaches from each team and are awarded prior to the end of the season.

2018/2019 Purple Heart Recipients

18U  Girls: tbd

17U  Girls: tbd

16U  Girls: tbd

15U  Girls: tbd

14U  Girls:  tbd

13U  Girls: tbd (Purple) / tbd (Black)

2017/2018 Purple Heart Recipients

18U  Girls: Anika Dyck

16U  Girls: Avery Kelly

15U  Girls: Isla Olesen

14U  Girls:  Isabelle Robertshaw

13U  Girls: Charlize Dupras (Purple) / Rebecca Holyoake (Black)

2016/2017 Purple Heart Recipients

18U  Girls: Nicole Sharpe

17U  Girls: Mackenzie-Lynn Desjardins

16U  Girls: Taylor Nixon

15U  Girls: Paige Deering

14U  Girls:  Amanda Holyoake

13U  Girls: Sutton Garner (Purple) / Taylor Lougheed (Black)

2015/2016 Purple Heart Recipients

18U  Girls: Kirsten Pinkney

17U  Girls: Olivia Niewchas

16U  Girls: Samantha Hopkins 

15U  Girls: Brooklyn Ceh

14U  Girls: Halla Kharfan 

13U  Girls: Nella Woelfel

2013/2014 Purple Heart Recipients

13U Girls Athlete: Madison Calkin

14U Girls Athlete: Rebecca Rempe 

15U Boys Athlete: Tulo Wuraolo 

15U Girls Athlete: Anika Solomon 

16U Girls Athlete: Dani Currie

17U Girls Athlete: Jessica Hollies

18U Girls Athlete: Madison Richter

2012/2013 Purple Heart Recipients

13U Girls Athlete: Brooke Evason

14U Girls Athlete: Mariah Howells 

16U Girls Athlete: Taleah Ross

17U Girls Athlete: Lauren Fridman

18U Mens Athlete: Tie – Mark Taylor & Ethan Carter

2011/2012 Purple Heart Recipients

13U Girls Athlete: Lexi Peart

14U Girls Athlete: Savita McRae

15U Girls Athlete: Willow Gedlaman

16U Girls Athlete: Madison Richter

17U Boys Athlete: Robbie Wigg and Tim Newman

17U Girls Athlete: Melanie Trudeau

18U Girls Athlete: Kari Acheson

2010/2011 Purple Heart Recipients

13U Athlete: Olivia Furlan

14U Athlete: Jessie Hollies

15U Athlete: Madison Richter

16U Athlete: Amanda Anderson

17U Athlete: Kristina Siroishka

18U Athlete: Sophie Malenfont

2009/2010 Purple Heart Recipients

14U Athlete: Kelly Robertson

15U Athlete: Katelyn Bojechko

16U Athlete: Michelle McKay

17U Athlete: Emma Wolper

2008/2009 Purple Heart Recipients

13U Athlete: Jordan Eng

14U Athlete: Amanda Anderson

15U Athlete: Kristina Siroishka

16U Athlete: Megan Brennan

*Purple Heart awards are in no way to be construed with Purple Hearts issued by the US Military. 403 Selects Volleyball Club has the utmost respect for the men and women in uniform who serve both the Canadian and American armed forces.