About the NCAA

About the NCAA

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a voluntary association of about 1,200 colleges and universities, athletic conferences and sports organizations in the US devoted to the sound administration of intercollegiate athletics.
Two of the purposes or aims of the NCAA are to:

1) To initiate, stimulate and improve intercollegiate athletics programs for student-athletes and to promote and develop educational leadership, physical fitness, athletics excellence and athletics participation as a recreational pursuit.

2) To uphold the principle of institutional control of, and responsibility for, all intercollegiate sports in conformity with the constitution and bylaws of the Association. .
One of the stated “core values” of the NCAA is a commitment to protecting the best interests of student-athletes.

The NCAA on Academics and Athletes
Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships for undergraduate student athletes at Division I and Division II volleyball schools are partially funded through the NCAA membership revenue distribution. These scholarships are awarded directly by the NCAA colleges and not the NCAA. About $1 billion in athletic scholarships are awarded each year. Over 126,000 student-athletes receive either a partial or full athletic scholarship.

NCAA Women’s Volleyball ProgramsThe NCAA maintains a list of all the 988 Division I, II, and III womens’ volleyball programs. The NCAA is the highest level of competition for volleyball in the US. 

  • Division I Schools Offer 312 Programs in 32 Divisions (across the continental US)
  • Division II Schools Offer 265 Programs in 24 Divisions
  • Division III Schools Offer 411 Programs in 44 Divisions
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NCAA Clearinghouse

If you intend on participating in Division I athletics, you must be certified by the Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. You can obtain the information needed to register from the Clearinghouse section of the NCAA’s official website:

NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse go here

NCAA Women’s Volleyball Administration, Eligibility & Recruiting go here

The NCAA and SAT’s go here
If you are considering a NCAA US program as an option for a volleyball scholarship, it is very important that you read about SAT’s.

NCAA Eligibility Definitions

Freshman – 1st Year with fewer than 30 credits
Sophomore – 2nd year with 30-59 credits
Junior – 3rd year with 60-89 credits
Senior – 4th year with 90 credits or above