About the CIS

About the CIS Canadian Interuniversity Sport

Canadian Interuniversity Sport, which is the national governing body of university sport in Canada, is composed of the majority of degree granting universities in the country. Fifty-one (51) member institutions with over 10,000 student-athletes and 650 coaches vie for 19 National Championships in 11 different sports. CIS also provides high performance international opportunities for Canadian student-athletes at Winter and Summer Universiades, and 27 World University Championships.

From Victoria to St. John’s, student-athletes compete for national and regional honours from the following Regional Associations:

  • Canada West (CWUAA)
  • Ontario University Athletics (OUA)
  • Quebec Student Sports Federation (FQSE)
  • Atlantic University Sport (AUS)

Scholarship Assistance

The amount of scholarship assistance made available by Canadian Universities will vary depending on the school and/or the province. Some colleges/universities can afford little and others can almost provide your full tuition.

Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) rules allow a student-athlete to receive an Athletic Award up to the value of their full tuition and compulsory fees.

For example, The University of Winnipeg is proud to offer the highest level * of Athletic Awards in the CIS. The Wesmen are also unique in that any athlete who attains the status of Academic All-Canadian ** is guaranteed a full Athletic Award.

* average award per student athlete (every student-athlete receives some level of financial support)
** an academic average of 80% or better (full tuition and compulsory fees)

The Athletic Director of the University of Winnipeg commented; “Our financial commitment to our student-athletes combined with our winning tradition make the University of Winnipeg the university of choice in Canada!”

Financial Assistance to Student-Athletes

Canadian universities offer student-athletes financial assistance. University awards or scholarships are submitted to the CIS for recognition and acceptance prior to the receipt by student-athletes. Each year awards are offered to varsity athletes by universities across the country to assist in covering the cost of tuition and compulsory fees. The amount of money varies from university to university, however, the award may not exceed a maximum amount of tuition and compulsory fees. Some universities and some Regional Associations impose a lower cap on the amount of athletic awards.