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photo 1Our trip to Seattle was an amazing opportunity to learn about high level volleyball and an ideal view of how fast the game progresses. Activities such as watching the semifinals and championship match, participating in the Phenom Program and scrimmaging against a Seattle club, allowed us individually to get a better understanding of the game and what it takes to successfully achieve our individual goals. During the scrimmages with Seattle volleyball clubs, we were able to play as a team and learn how our teammates are starting to operate and interact with one another. Not only was this a learning opportunity, but also a fun experience. While half of our team was scrimmaging, the others were very fortunate to participate in the Phenom program. This program gave these athletes the opportunity to learn about university volleyball and the chance to perform in front of university coaches. Participating in the program “was a great experience because it allowed me to gain knowledge from high level U.S players and to play in front of highly experienced coaches where I learned things that I can improve on,” stated our teammate, Dani Currie. One of the main reasons we went on this trip was to get the chance to watch the final four in the NCAA play for the championship. This allowed us to see how each team played and how we are able to apply these strategies and techniques into our team’s performances. Throughout our fun learning experience, we had lots of time for team bonding (Mono rail rides, shopping, high school All American match, NCAA semifinals and finals, team practices etc.) where we learned many new things about each other which resulted in us becoming a close nit team. We would like to thank our parents who made this trip possible, and our coaches, Carsten and Darren for being supportive and guiding us through our season thus far. Along with this, we would like to thank everyone who helped out in the 403 Selects community, specifically the board of directors and Club President, Shauna Denney. We are all deeply grateful for what you have done for us and what we were able to experience.

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