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403 Selects Grievance Policy

Chain of Communication

Sport Parent Certification Course

All parents whose daughter plays for 403 Selects Volleyball Club are required to complete the Sport Parent Certification Course through The Art of Coaching Volleyball. Parents receive an invitation to the course at the beginning of the season and can access the course as many times as they like.

403 Selects requires parents to act within the guidelines of this course throughout the season and as such, encourage parents to review this course and the information included within, prior to airing any grievances.

(Link to the Sport Parent Certification Course below)

24 Hour Rule

403 Selects Volleyball Club requires a 24 Hour Rule for parents to discuss concerns. Parents are never to approach a coach within 24 hours of an event, practice, team or club experience to discuss or air a grievance.
Parents are encouraged to go home and contemplate their issue/grievance/observation over the next 24 hours to reflect, and then follow the chain of communication (as cited below) to address any grievances.

Exception: Athletes at risk – mental or physical health.

The Chain of Communication is as follows:

  1. Athlete and Coach – Athlete Advocacy First – The athlete should first speak to the coach(es) about their concern(s). Parents are encouraged to role play and “coach” their athlete on how to approach the coach and advocate for themselves. Self-advocacy, regardless of the issue, is one of the many life skills that athletes will hopefully derive from their experience at 403 Selects. If the matter remains unresolved after the athlete has spoken to the coach, then proceed to step 2.
  2. Athlete, Parent and Coach Together – PACT – The athlete should inform their parent of the unresolved concern and the parent/athlete (if age appropriate) should then approach the coach via written email communication and request a mutually acceptable meeting time and place. If the matter remains unresolved after the parent and/or athlete have spoken to the coach, then proceed to step 3.
  1. Parent, Athlete, Coach – PACT -and the Board of Directors – The parent and/or athlete (if age appropriate) should contact the Board via written email communication and request the Board’s involvement in the resolution. The Board will communicate further with the coach and investigate the situation with the hope of full resolution. Should the situation remain unresolved, the Board will convene and request parent and athlete (if age appropriate) and coach to attend a resolution meeting. If the matter remains unresolved after the parent and athlete have spoken to the coach, then proceed to step 4.
  2. The Board of Directors – In light of no resolution, the Board reserves the right to then mediate the situation and make a binding decision on the matter in question.

All issues or disputes, regardless of nature or source, must follow the previously detailed Chain of Communication.

NOTE: All communications need to be approached with the mindset of positively resolving the issue; of listening to both sides and must be devoid of ALL conversation of other teammates.

“Be a part of the solution, not the problem.“



All athlete–coach and parent–athlete–coach meetings must have at least one other team staff member in attendance. Alternatively, if no other staff member is available a board member must be in attendance.

Other Policies Regarding the Chain of Communication with respect to grievances with 403 Selects Volleyball Club.

  1. 403 Selects Volleyball Club will not tolerate any hostile and/or aggressive behavior between a parent and any official, coach, athlete, or another parent, whether the confrontation is within the club or not. Violation of this policy may result in the athlete(s) being dismissed from 403 Selects Volleyball Club or a parent’s removal from any 403 activities, including attendance at practices and competitions.
  2. It is inappropriate for an athlete or parent to approach any other 403 Selects Volleyball Club member about a problem the athlete or parent is having with a coach. Asking uninvolved persons to take sides in an issue is unfair to the third party and to the club. For the psychological health of the individual athletes, the team and the club as a whole, grievances need to be handled between the parties involved and the Board of Directors.
  3. Any 403 Selects member who is approached and is asked to listen to or express an opinion about matters between two other parties in the club, is strongly encouraged to decline comment and refer them back to this grievance policy.
  1. Any member of 403 Selects Volleyball Club who, as a third party, hears remarks or stories about 403 Selects Volleyball Club, its’ employees or its’ policies, is encouraged to notify the club President immediately. These side conversations are detrimental to the team environment and ultimately have a negative impact on the athlete(s).
  2. It is unacceptable and inappropriate to complain to other parents or athletes about another athlete, the coach, the coach’s style, or the 403 Selects Volleyball Club policies. Parents and athletes both need to follow the appropriate Chain of Communication if they are concerned or unhappy about any matter that is reflective of the operations of 403 Selects Volleyball Club.
  3. Any dispute (parent or athlete) that has directly to do with the 403 Selects Volleyball Club, must be submitted to the club President in writing via email for review by the Board.
  4. Infractions of the 24 Hour Rule, and/or non-compliance with the above regulations may result in the parent being banned from attending practices and competitions. In the case of serious parent or athlete infraction to the above regulations, the athlete may be removed from the team.
  5. The Board reserves the right to intervene at any time in this above-stated communication process if it is deemed in the best interests of the coach, team or club. Decisions by the Board made at this point are binding, with NO grievance process available to the athlete or parent.


To gain access to the Sports Parent Certification:

1. Go to the following link to set up an account on The Art of Coaching Volleyball:
2. After creating your account, you will be redirected to the Certification page. If you are not redirected, use steps 5-7 to navigate there.
3. Click on the Sports Parent Certification course icon
4. On the Sports Parent Certification course overview page, click the green “Start Course” button to begin
To navigate to the Sports Parent Certification:
5. Log in to your Art of Coaching account
6. In the main website menu, hover over “Education,” and click on “My Courses & Certifications”
7. In the Certifications section, click on “Sports Parent Certification”