17U met at the hotel, got settled in and then headed off to a nice meal at Milestones where they enjoyed some pre-tournament bonding and time to revisit their goals for the weekend.

Day 1

Play began at 9:00 am against St. Albert Fusion. Fusion was a formidable opponent and came out strong. The girls were down 11-5 before the first time out, but were not to be held down for long. With some strategic play and hard work, they managed to tie the game up at 19. It continued to be a close game, right to the end, but the girls prevailed and pulled out a 26-24 win. The competition was off to a great start! The second match ended just as the first had, with a two point spread, and positive feelings all around.

The second game went to three sets against Bonnyville Rhinos. The fist set ended with a loss for the Selects. Bonnyville came out strong and forced purple to bring some more intensity. The second set found the girls having to test their metal. They came from behind with a score of 0-8, tied it up at 12 and then persevered to the end with a strong win. The third set saw the girls turn the tables and was completed with a quick and classy game of volleyball. Fun to watch. Game three ended in two sets with a disappointing loss for 403. SLVC Wave got the girls off balance early, and although they fought valiantly, they were unable to get back on top.

The crossover game was a totally different story. The girls put the Wave loss behind them and started the game against Edmonton’s Momentum with spirits high. All three sets of this game were characterized by smart and supportive play. The girls pulled out the win in the third set after a controversial call on Momentum with a ball that was put back into play from the 403 side of the net. As luck would have it, the ball did not come back on the right side of the play and 403 was awarded a well deserved win.

Day 2

After an early night, 17U 403 was back on the court facing St. Albert. The first set ended in a win with a 15 point spread. The play was highlighted by a strong serving run followed by some great supportive plays. The second set found the girls communicating effectively. They were alert, ready and hard on the block. Their smart positioning allowed them to be quick to dig up the ball and they were able to find the floor with some strategic ball placements.

Semi finals found the girls opposing Lethbridge Flare. Although purple handled this game quickly, both sets included some excellent rallies that made for great entertainment for all who watched.

To finish off the weekend on a high note, 17U Selects found themselves on the other side of the net from 18U Selects. This game saw passionate play on both sides fueled by mutual admiration and respect for the game and the club. It was a great game of friendly rivalry and strong battles. 17U lost in the end but they did not go down easily. It was anyone’s game right to the end and a memorable completion to a great tournament. Well done girls. Your 403 class was shining bright along with the gold and silver medals!!!!!

The coaches were really pleased with the outcome of the tournament, and proud of the girls’ progress. They are excited for the next few weeks of training before Provincials.