On January 14th -parents, athletes & coaches were treated to a wealth of knowledge and insight at the 2017 Youth Sports Forum.

Gisele Kreuger and Terry Liskevych shared advice from their decades of experience on coaching and parenting happy, high performance children. These sessions set out simple guidelines for athletes, parents, and coaches to work together to help athletes maintain a positive mindset, and together cooperatively create an enjoyable youth sports environment.

The overall goal of this year’s youth sports forum is to change the current trend of drop out/burnout in youth sport and to keep our kids participating in sports for the long term. The event was hosted by 403 Selects Volleyball Club at SAIT.

Special thanks to Terry and Gisele for advancing the education on a healthy youth sport environment, and to all of our wonderful volunteers who made the day possible!

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The Art of Coaching Volleyball