Our Mission

Established in the fall of 2008, 403 Selects Volleyball Club is committed to the education and promotion of the whole person through excellence in volleyball.

Our Focus

403 Selects is an athlete first organization. We focus on the personal and athletic development of our student-athletes, and we’re committed to creating a safe, positive, and effective learning environment in which our athletes strive to achieve individual excellence within a team dynamic. This Club focuses on the journey and provide an outstanding opportunity to grow and develop a passion for this game throughout this journey.

At 403 Selects, we view the volleyball court as our classroom, transformed to teach lessons of character, discipline, respect, responsibility, accountability, commitment, leadership, work ethic, teamwork, courage, integrity, cooperation, communication, the importance of sacrifice (and above all) sportsmanship. In conjunction with our emphases on specific volleyball skills development, we teach our female athletes the importance of mental preparation, proper nutrition, overall fitness, conditioning and healthy lifestyle choices.

Travel and unique development opportunties for both coaches and athletes contiued to be a focus for the club.

Our Athletes Come First

403 Selects is committed to putting the needs of the athlete first while considering all aspects of the athlete’s development from grade seven (13U) to grade 12 (18U) and on to post secondary playing opportunities across North America after graduation. We recruit our athletes to develop and play in both the practice and competition arenas and we are flexible and adaptable to our athlete’s needs and other commitments – family, school or otherwise. At 403 Selects we are not “win” or “banner” focused we are athlete development focused. We believe that in moving a core of athletes together year to year through a long term development plan which includes exceptional technical training and playing experiences and focuses on developing the whole athlete, we will breed traditional success.

If players are interested in pursuing post secondary educational/playing opportunities, we will support that dream as best we can offering playing opportunities like the US travel and information regarding the process. We believe that athletes should have exposure and be promoted to every post-secondary scholarship opportunity anywhere in North America We believe the more playing opportunities we create for our student-athletes the more options they will have in choosing their future path of self discovery.

Unique Playing and Off Court Experiences

2018 will see our 17U and 18U Juvenile Women’s teams travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete in the SCVA Las Vegas Classic. Our 15U and 16U girls teams will travel to the NCVA President’s Day Tournament in San Jose, CA. Prior to competition, these teams will spend a day touring the Stanford University Campus and volleyball facilities and will also get an opportunity to spend some “up close and personal time” with John Dunning, Head Coach of Stanford’s Women’s Volleyball team and his athletes.

The Las Vegas Classic is the most recommended and largest NCAA recruiting tournament with over 400 teams. The San Jose tournament and travel also exposes our younger athletes to benefits and experiences that come from attending a 500+ team competition. Registered in both of these tournaments will be many of the best club volleyball teams on the West Coast. Any of these opportunities to travel internationally offer an outstanding opportunity for team bonding, team strategy put into practice, personal technical development & growth early in the season. The competition is very strong and the experience always leaves our athletes with great memories both on and off the court.

We continue to be committed to developing the whole athlete through unique and exciting informational sessions. Among the potential extra-curricular activities for the athletes and families are motivational and nutrition speakers, welcome and wind-up events, plus extra training sessions with specialty coaches.

Coaching Staff

At 403 Selects we are committed to hiring only the best staff available. Our staff is experienced, committed and passionate about their role in development of young volleyball athletes. They are the foundation of this organization and are treated and respected as such. The club wholeheartedly supports their professional development. The staff for 2018 season is no exception. View coach bios.