160412_257_403Vball403 Selects Volleyball Club could not be more excited about the announcement that Carsten Stanjeck, Owner of HITT Volleyball and former 403 Selects Head coach, will be returning in 2017 as the Club’s Techincal Director. This has been a long discussed goal of this Club and Carsten’s decison to take a year off coaching and focus on impacting more than 12 athletes a year at this club was met with great support. Carsten’s experience, passion and commitment to athlete development make him the perfect fit for this leadership position.

Carsten’s primary role will be as a support to our staff in the technical and tactical development of their athletes; to ensure there is a consistent technical and tactical development program for our athletes; to facilitate an ongoing conservation about what are current and relevant practices for technical and tactical development of their athlete; as a resource for athletes and their families looking for further development advice and opportunities , whether individual, group or camp training.

Welcome back Carsten!