California Dreaming… an amazing opportunity for the 403 Selects 15U team to experience volleyball in another country and see what opportunities are ahead of them. When asked what the highlights were all agreed: Stanford Tour including flash mob and near Obama siting…Team bonding including on and off court (lets not forget the car rides, emergency hair repair and photo shoots)…the travel! Yes there was fun in Sante Cruz on the Boardwalk Midway, Photo Booths at Pier 39 in San Francisco and did they mention Stanford?

There was unknown expectations of what they were up against in San Mateo. The court entrance etiquette was new but the game was the same only much more intense. There were amazing plays and plays demanding a redo. The girls fought hard and learned much. They gained a new respect for the game and their competition was in awe. The presence of President Obama delivering his Cyber Safety speech at Stanford seemed to be the focus of the locals, although the presence of the Canadian team left them in awe: “…are you guys really from Canada?” was a common question. The girls were proud not to mention patriotic!

As a team, the 15U girls will always remember this trip and it will impact them in their future endeavors!