The U17 Team headed to Edmonton on January 28th for 2 days of intensive training with an exhibition game thrown in as well. Here are what the athletes had to say about the weekend:

One Word to Describe the Weekend:

* Busy

* Crazy

* Fun

* Energetic

* Exciting

* Encouraging

* Bonding

* Perseverance

* Awesome

* Excellent

* Togetherness

* Tiring


One thing I learned from the weekend:

* How to play together as a team

* Keep my hands stiff

* How to position my hands for the block

* Stay low

* Learned to reach high when hitting

* Open my hand

* How to spark a team up with positions

* Energy changes the game

* We have to communicate a lot and keep our energy up

* Set against the flow

* Don’t J-stroke


Comments from Parents: the girls worked really hard at the training, had a great first game against the FOG team and showed the Edmonton crowd some good ‘ole Calgary spirit with their intermission game of beach volleyball against an Edmonton boys team. The weekend ended on a high note (pardon the pun), with one of the cars having the loudest, most enthusiastic karoke that had occurred on #2 highway in a long time.

Overall high marks for a great weekend!