The 403 Selects Volleyball Club (“403”) will continue operations as a separate entity from the newly established Cougars Volleyball Club (“CVC”), despite the previously announced intention to merge the two clubs.

As two independent clubs, CVC will run a 17U and an 18U women’s team.  In addition, 403’s intentions are to field an 18U men’s, 17U women’s and a 16U women’s team.

Both parties brought tremendous strengths to the table and while 403 and CVC share very similar goals for the development of young athletes, the approaches to achieving such objectives proved diverging and it has thus been decided the two clubs would be better off on their own.

The amicable parting of these clubs means an opportunity to mutually support one another in the upcoming season and beyond. 403 would like to take this opportunity to wish CVC every success in its upcoming inaugural season, as well as in the future.

What exactly does this mean for 403? It means that the club will now be entering into and celebrating its 5th year of operations.  Head Coaches for the girl’s teams will be Carsten Stanjeck and Kim Stonehouse, respectively.  A head coach for the 18U Boy’s program will be named shortly. Carsten’s and Kim’s biographies can be viewed elsewhere on this website.

All told, we will continue to be fully supportive of as many athletes as possible as we adapt to this change in direction for 2013.  We maintain our desire to see athletes live, laugh and love the game and will continue to offer athletes and coaches development experiences not commonly available with other clubs. We will remain fiercely competitive and passionate about performing to our potential on our practice and competition courts. We will also continue to promote the positive development of our athletes, on and off the court. Athletes will continue to pursue post-secondary playing opportunities, with the full support of their coaches, as well as that of the club.  Historically, we’ve been flexible and with that in mind, we look forward to the future, prepared for change and looking forward to new and exciting opportunities.

For inquiries for 403 Selects contact Shauna Denney at: or 403-969-7624.

For inquiries for the Cougars volleyball club contact Sandra Lamb at: or 403-875-5577.