Team Commitments that will run through 2023 season

Teams for (current) 2020 club season:

  • 15U 
  • 16U 
  • 18U

Teams for 2021 club season:

  • 16U 
  • 17U

Teams for 2022 club season:

  • 17U 
  • 18U 

Teams for 2023 club season:

  • 18U 

Beyond 2023 season:

*To be reviewed at the end of 2023 club season. Note that without new leadership, the club’s operations would potentially cease at this point in time.

Additional Information:

  • United Support
    • 403 Selects Board of Directors, Admin Board and Coaching Staff are committed to seeing these programs through the completion of the 2023 season. PACT has proved to be an incredibly powerful initiative.
  • Casino dates in 2020 & 2022 will provide funds that will directly benefit the athletes in each program.
  • Elite level development of the ‘whole-athlete’
    • 403 Selects athletes will continue to enjoy unique experiences that train & reinforce development on integrity, teachable spirit, academic responsibility, confidence, discipline, accountability, mental toughness, pride/humility, leadership/service, and selflessness/teamwork.
  • Support through critical development years
    • Families benefit from step-by-step support from the club during their pursuit of dreams of playing volleyball beyond high school. Through club affiliation with the post secondary/recruitment process, 403 athletes have access to resources and exclusive opportunities that no other club has. Athletes also have the backing of one of Canada’s most respected clubs with over a decade of proven student-athlete development.


– 403 Selects Executive Board