Congratulations to the teams of Michela Alongi/Jenna Gregg and Madison Calkin/Tiana Cowper who competed in all four Volleyball Alberta Beach Youth Events held throughout June and July and just recently finished the summer with a Silver and Bronze at the Beach Provincials in Calgary on Aug 1 & 2.

Congratulations as well to 403 teammate Keawna Kroontje, along with her partner Jamie Thompson, who were an intimidating duo throughout the beach season and took home some significant hardware this summer finishing with two GOLD medals in the first two youth events, a bronze in Youth #3 and a 5th place finish in the 14U Beach Provincials.

403 teammate Stephanie Bernier and her partner Josephine Lalonde-Bester came onto the scene late in the summer and finished 12th at Youth #4 and an improved 10th at Beach Provincials.

A huge shout out to 403 Selects 13U Athletes Alexandra Sinik  and the team of Ellie Saly/Halla Kharfan who competed in 2 youth events and finished 13th and 11th at the 14U Beach Provincials!

The first event of the season began in Calgary with Calkin/Cowper finishing with a 2nd place silver to Thompson /Kroontje who won gold.  Alongi/Gregg worked hard this tournament recovering from injury that kept Jenna out of Calgary 2015 Nationals.

The second event, hosted in Edmonton at John Fry Park, had Thompson/Kroontje finish with a second Gold Medal, Alongi/Gregg a 5th place finish, and Calkin/Cowper finishing 9th after a tight cross-over loss.

Youth #3 and #4 took place in Sylvan Lake on the pier overlooking the water, and these teams again came to play.

Alongi/Gregg received their first silver medal in Youth #3 on July 4th after a hard fought battle for gold while Thompson/Kroontje finished with the bronze! Calkin/Cowper ended the day with a second top 8 finish in 7th place.

Youth #4 on July 26 was another lovely day by the lake and even provided a surprise sun shower for the girls! Calkin/Cowper inched by their teammates to secure a spot in the gold medal match but also came up short against a tough Hayley/Deng team. Alongi/Gregg finished a very respectable 4th.

The weather for Beach Provincials in Calgary was the hottest that the competitors had faced and by far the windiest.  The field of competition was very talented and every single team fought hard for the chance to advance.  Truly an amazing way to finish the season and amazing effort from all of the beach athletes!

403 is very proud of all our girls and your hard work and dedication to one another out on the sand!