The Day 1 afternoon wave started slowly against the Manitoba Providence club but victories against Brandon-BVC and the St. Albert Saints meant a second place finish in our pool. Everyone had game time and our play was generally positive despite the change to Molten balls and the huge expanse of the competition gym.
Day 2 grew in both temperature and excitement toward a late evening showdown. Victories over LVC and Brandon meant that all that we needed against Canada West was one game to secure first place in our pool and we were successful.
Day 3 started with a cross-over victory against Nook and our ticket was punched into medal contention. A thrilling 3 set win over Canuck was not only a coming-out-party of sorts but also meant we were guaranteed a medal. After going undefeated for 8 matches, the Selkirk Royals took us to a 3rd set but GOLD MEDALS are now owned by our team and a Canadian Champion banner is ready for the rafters!
Josh, Joel, Kris, Ethan and DJ provided ever-increasing support for Taylor, Keaton, Nico, Steven, Terrence and Mark. Friends, family, coaches and even the President couldn’t stop smiling as high-fives and hugs were exchanged, pictures were taken and ‘the best Mother’s Day ever’ came to a close with the beginning-of-the-year promise fulfilled… “This year 403 Selects make history”!