Provincial Standings 2012


Special Congratulations to the 13U team for their first place finish and banner win. 21 teams competed at this level. See the web site for a photo memory!

14U-5th place Provincial finish – 20 teams competing

15U-10th place Provincial finish – 58 teams competing

16U-11th place Provincial finish – 59 teams competing

17U Boys-8th place Provincial finish – 13 teams competing

17U Girls-22nd place Provincial finish – 35 teams competing

18U Girls-Fifth place Provincial finish (tie) – 41 teams competing


Club Nationals Standings 2012

14U – Div 1 Tier 4 Silver Medal  First of the 3 Alberta Teams attending

15U – Div 1 Tier 3 Tied for 5th  Fourth of the 16 Alberta teams attending

16U – Div 2 Tier 3 tied for 3rd  Eleventh out of 15 Alberta teams attending

17U Boys – Div 2 Tier 2 tied for 3rd  Seventh out of 10 Alberta teams attending

17U Girls – Div 2 Tier 4 tied for 3rd  Eleventh out of 13 Alberta teams attending

18U Girls – Div 1 Tier 3 tied for 5th  Fifth out of 16 Alberta teams attending


18U Athletes Post Secondary Dreams

100% of our 18U athletes eligible and wanting to pursue post secondary playing and educational opportunities are currently committed to their schools. Congratulations and best of success to all of these athletes as they move on. This team has been an excellent example of what it is to be a 403 athlete. Thank you to all these athletes and their parents for their SHINING example throughout the years you have been with us!

Josie Leduc -St. Mary’s University (Halifax) General Sciences

Erin Davis -MinotStateUniversity(USA)  Education

Sarah Burris -Medicine HatCollege(Medicine Hat) Vet Medicine

Kari Acheson – Grant McEwan  (Edmonton) Sciences (Physical Therapy)

Kelsey Labodi -Valley City State University(USA) Education

Hailey White -University of Dallas (USA) Sciences

Maddy McConnell – McGill Invited to Training/Tryout   (Montreal) Sciences (Psychiatry)

Choose not to pursue post secondary Volleyball because of school commitments

Lizzie Wills -Waterloo Engineering

Emily Johnson – Mount Royal University Nursing

Michelle McKay -Queens University Engineering

Grade 11

Kristina Siroishka