Day One


Game 1 vs. Dinos

403 girls came out ready to play but struggled with serve reception early on.  They worked with determination and fought through some unlucky plays and kept the score at a manageable spread.  Their tenacious play from the beginning of the game showed 403 spirit and desire.  Some great rallies, thoughtful play and strategic ball placement kept the girls in the game, but they struggled to gain and keep control of the ball.  Phil called a necessary time-out and the girls had a minute to regroup.  When they stepped back on the court, they managed a good “out” call right away, and then followed that up by a couple of strong serves that earned welcome points and boosted morale.  Despite excellent team play on the part of 403, they were unable to pull out a win.  The second set was much like the first and was characterized by excellent team play.  Strong digs that resulted in points kept the girls in the game early on.  The play was entertaining for the spectators with some lengthy rallies, committed play that kept the score close until half way.  Even when the score spread started to widen, the girls never stopped working hard. They answered the Dino’s plays with powerful hits that kept their opponents on their toes.  In the end, 403’s momentum was interrupted by some serving trouble and they lost the set 15-25.

Game 2 vs. Queens

The first set was off to a difficult start with some struggles with serve receipt and a couple of tough calls from the ref.  The girls regrouped and started to push with some strong serves, which resulted in a tie at 4.  Although they executed some excellent plays, they just couldn’t alter the course of the game and 403 suffered a disappointing loss of 25-15.  The second set had some great hits that got 403 on the board early on.  Nice serves kept the game close, and the girls managed some good hits and digs, but Queens kept going.  Phil called a timeout at 8-3 Queens.  After the timeout, the girls fought the keep the score close.  The fans were treated to some amazing and entertaining rallies that kept them on the edge of their seats.  The score was tied up at 24.  403 won the next point, and then the game was again tied at 26.  After an unlucky play, Queens got the win 28-26.

Game 3 vs. Pandas

The matchup against the Pandas also found our 403 girls on the losing end.  Set 1 ended with a score of 25-19 and set two very close at 25-18.  Both sets started out well with each team scoring points on effective kill shots.  Selects started to struggle when the score reached 6-7 and a number of errors cost them three points in quick succession.  Throughout the game, the score widened and then would be periodically closed again. In the end, the Pandas got a foothold and created a gap that 403 just couldn’t close.


At the start of the game, one of the dad’s shouted out “On the way to victory” and after some tense moments and some clawing back up the points ladder, his prophecy became reality.  Selects won the first point of the game, but then fell behind to a score of 12-8 at which Phil called a timeout.  Once the girls were able to settle down and regroup, they participated in some excellent rallies, strategic plays, solid hits and strong serves.  By 13 they were tied up and back in the game.  Once the lead was achieved, the girls kept rolling and WHAM was not able to block their last three power hits.  403 pulled off their first win of the day 25-19 with strength and strategy.  Set two started off a bit bumpy with a couple of harsh and questionable calls.  At 11 points the score was tied.  Some great serving allowed the girls to put some distance between them and WHAM.  WHAM was not going to go down easily though and fought back hard.  403 accepted the challenge and dug deep to pull off the earlier prophesied victory 25-23.

The highlight of the weekend was the 30-degree weather and fabulous BBQ hosted by Glanville family.  A huge thank you to them for their generosity and hospitality throughout the day.  What an excellent way to bring the team at large together!

Day Two

Game 1 vs. NAVC Griffins

This game started with a strong rally but 403 got down by 3 before they knew what was happening.  Phil called a strategic timeout right away to give the girls some encouragement and direction.  It worked!  A powerful hit first thing back on the court gave the girls a lift and they managed to tie the score up at 4 with some well-placed serves.  From there, the score just kept building point by point.  The play was stopped over some discrepancy with scoring that found the Griffins up one point on 403.  The girls kept going and tied back up at 8.  The rest of the game saw tough back and fourth play and a fabulous sacrifice by 403’s libero to keep the ball in play.  This was a spectator’s game as the action was packed!  Unfortunately for 403, a couple of lucky plays allowed the Griffins to pull ahead and secure a win with a final score of 25-19.  In the second set, Griffins earned the first point but 403 made it onto the board right away.  The game started out tight but, in the end, 403 faced some formidable blocks and struggled to get back on their feet.  Play became a bit scattered and despite some good effort to switch things up, the girls were not able to calm their nerves, settle in and get organized.  The game ended with a disheartening loss of 25-8.

Game 2 vs. Cougars

This game required a switch in venues and the team made their way through the rain and cold back over to Westmount school. 403 seemed to flourish in the smaller setting.  Both teams played with great intensity and 403 seemed a bit more settled than they had been in game 1.  Just as the points were climbing to halfway, a kill from an excellent pass boosted emotions, the adrenaline started to flow through players and fans and 403 took the lead.  Excited spectators cheered for strong, accurate serves and blocks by a team that was playing like they can.  Spirits were high, and girls finished off the set with a 25-18 win.  Set 2 found the girls starting off on the wrong foot; not able to find their groove.  The Cougars did not let this slide and took advantage of some unforced 403 mistakes.  Phil called a time out to try to reset.  The girls answered his call for change with some strong hits and blocks that helped them get their heads in the game and knock the Cougars off theirs.  Part way through, the Cougar’s linesman made an excellent call in favor of 403 which illustrated pride and integrity in sport.  Her honesty and sportsmanship were appreciated and applauded by all.  The whole game was characterized by a close score and tough play.  The fans were once again treated to phenomenal rallies.  In the end, a kill followed by a brick wall block clenched the win for 403 (25-23).

Game 3 vs. Nait Ooks

The last game of the tournament was the only one that went to three sets.  The girls came out hot in set one with excellent serving and strong communication.  The atmosphere in the gym was charged both in and off the court.  A line drive kill when the score was tied at 5 started to set the tone for the game.  The kill was followed up by an ace that made the Nooks take notice.  Once unsettled, the Nooks were caught in a cycle of errors allowing 403 to add points to the board.  The Selects were able to keep the momentum in their favor through concise play and excellent defense bringing about a 25-22 win.  The second set was a different story with Nooks coming out with fire and intensity.  403 battled through the game and managed to keep the score close but never gained the upper hand.  At 19-17 in favor of the Nooks, 403’s setter injured her shoulder and the last few points alluded the rest of the team.  Nooks took the game 25-22.  The third set started out as anyone’s game.  The intensity ramped up in the gym and the girls played with passion.  The switch happened at 8-5 for 403.  After the switch, the Nooks struggled to get their serves over the net and 403 was able to take advantage of the errors.  In the end, BIRTHDAY GIRL Gabby packaged the game up with two beautiful aces in a row and wrapped up the 2018 Provincial tournament with a 15-8 win.