The 18U team arrived at the tournament ready to play!

Day 1

The first set of the tournament found 403 paired up against Apex Summit. The game started out a bit on the rusty side for both teams, but after a 4-4 tie, 403 began to pick up their game and gained a lead supported by good net play, some solid blocks and a couple well-placed kills. At the 11-5 point, Apex tried to get away from the power of 403 and worked a more tactical game. 403 stayed strong and powered out a 25-13 win. The second set against Apex was much closer throughout with both teams trading points right up to the end when 403 finished the game with a great kill and a final score of 25-23.

The second match of the weekend had the Selects versing Cochrane Jaguars. The 403 girls won the match 2-0. At this point, the Select 18U started to really gel as a team and provide excellent support to one another. The second set started a little slower than the first due to some unforced errors that Cochrane took advantage of. The girls quickly worked out the kinks, regained a lead and didn’t look back, winning the set to take the match 25-12.

Match 3 against ACE 17U also found the girls winning in two games. Set one was a close game with both teams playing well at the net, and eventually, the girls persevered to win 25-23. Set two had 403 off to a great start with some power at the net and quickly arrived at a 6-2 lead. 403 seemed to have their middle attack working well that further advanced their lead. The remainder of the game saw the 403 gals display some solid passing and more power at the net. They won the game 25-12 to take the match.

The last match of the day saw 403 up against ACE (18U) for the crossover. 403 won the match in two games (25-15, 25-16). The girls played with few unforced errors. They played a very controlled game on their side even when under fire. There were great digs that allowed them to get quickly back on offense, setting up strong attacks. They also played consistent defense at the net making it difficult for ACE to get a clean kill. The second set was much like the first, with the girls making few errors. It was a true team effort with a final score of 25-16. All of the girls contributed to the win and played with passion and determination.

Day 2

With a win in the crossover, 18U woke up bright and early for an 8:00am start at the new volleyball
facility off SMED road.

The first match of the day was against Cougars 17U. This match went to 3 sets with Cougars having to battle for the win. In the first set, the Cougars built a large lead and rapidly got to 20-13. 403 then found their game and came back with some awesome team play and great rallies to tie it at 21-21. From there, the game went back and forth with 403 winning 26-24. What an awesome come back with a passionate team effort and the girls ensuring that every touch counted. The second set saw our 403 battalion gain a quick lead getting the score to 9-5. At this point, however, Mount Royal was able to take advantage of some 403 mistakes and closed the score and build an 18-15 lead. Even though our girls battled hard, the Cougars dug in their heels and were able to fend off 403’s efforts to pull out a 25-19 win. Set 3 started with a Cougars quick and substantial lead. The Cougars capitalized on some errors to go up 12-3. At this point, 403 refused to quit and fought their way back to an 11-13 score. The game became really close and it might have been anyone’s game. Unfortunately, Cougars endured with a final score of 15-13.

Match 6 against the 17U Dinos was a great match to watch. It was back and forth play with great digs, net play and powerful kills on both sides. The two teams were evenly matched as all games were close scores with 403 winning two games to one.

The last match of the tourney was 403 18U up against Mount Royal Cougars 18U. After a highly successful weekend, the girls found themselves on the losing side in two sets. The first set (23-25) was highly entertaining as the girls in purple worked hard for every point and both teams played with passion and pride. The second set found 403 struggling to control the serve from the start, allowing the Cougars to gain a 10-4 lead. After that, 403 picked up and exchanged points with Cougars for some exciting play. Unfortunately, the game ended before 403 was able to draw even.

Fabulous start girls! Onward and Upward!