WE ARE GROWING AGAIN IN 2011 …….17U BOYS TEAM JOINS 403 Selects Family

For the third consecutive year at 403 Selects we are growing. In 2012 we will be providing the opportunity for 10-12 male athletes to continue to pursue their growth and development through the sport of volleyball. We are confident the addition of these passionate and determined athletes and their equally passionate coaching staff  will positively impact this Club and look forward to introducing them all to you at the signing party!



Dec.5.2011-17U Athletes and their Families:

It has become increasingly apparent particularly over the past week that there is considerable demand and need in Calgary for another team and option at the 17U boys level that will allow those young men who have not secured a spot on one of the established 3 Calgary teams, or who are just looking for a different training, playing and development environment, to pursue their passion of volleyball, team play, development and camaraderie within a club environment.

The 403 Selects Volleyball Club  is pleased to announce its intention to field a 17U Boys Volleyball Team for the 2011-2012 season  under the reputable 403 Selects banner to help satisfy this demand. 403 Selects is not interested in speaking to any athletes who have verbally committed to Club programs already. We respect those commitments and honour those verbal commitments as we do on the girls side. This opportunity is for athletes who have not been invited and or who have not accepted an invite to date.

This team will adopt the 403 Selects club philosophy that has been formulated over the last three years and has been hugely successful in launching six women’s teams that have gained rapid success in developing volleyball players in a highly competitive environment. The 403 Selects Club is committed to supporting the development of their athletes and supporting these athletes’ pursuit of their goals and aspirations beyond club volleyball and into the post secondary arena.

In 2011, 403 Selects first graduating team of athletes had a 100% placement of those players pursuing post secondary playing and educational opportunities.  This is a Club that values our athletes first and supporting their development and pursuit of dreams is our commitment. These athletes are playing both in Canada and the USA  on scholarships varying from partial to full-ride at schools such as Ryerson, Waterloo, Queens, Briercrest  and US schools in Montana and Idaho States.

The current 403 Selects administration will completely support the formulation and integration of this team into the Club.

The Club is currently in the process of securing a coaching staff similar to that secured for their 6 female teams. Please visit our web site at to review the bio’s of these committed coaches and get an understanding of the quality coaching we expect to commit to this team as well. Our staff makeup includes both experienced coaching and playing staff alongside peer/mentoring coaches.

Additional court time for a practice schedule (three times a week), AVA/VS NRS registrations and hotels and transportation to Toronto will be secured this week. A recruitment package is attached for your perusal and for distribution to other prospective players you see fit to send this to.

We will communicate regularly this week to those athletes interested in the updates with respect to staff, court time and all other organizational issues.

References are available upon request from past and present athletes and families with respect to what this Club has done for their athlete’s development and pursuit of post secondary goals.

Our intention and plan is to select a 17U team in the next week or so who will play together under the guidance of their coaching staff and wit the support of the Club administration for the remaining two Club season- 17U & 18U should they choose to return. Our job is to ensure we provide an excellent development opportunity for these athletes and an excellent journey as well so they want to return and 403 Selects is confident we can do that. Additionally, the Club will support and encourage this teams’ travel into the USA to attend the NCAA recruiting Nationals tournament July 1-8 in Dallas Texas.

An open tryout will be scheduled for next weekend and time and location will be announced this week but we will also be verbally offering selected athletes positions this entire week. Saying “Yes” will take some faith and trust but the references and success of the girls program we hope will help establish we are a very capable, educated, determined and experienced group who are confident we do not just talk the talk, but walk the walk with respect to pulling this all together. Please note the athletes first competition is not until March 3/4 – there really is plenty of time to get this team organized and prepared!

As soon as the staff is secured we will be holding an introduction/organizational meeting hopefully by the end of this week. What we ask is that you don’t make any hasty verbal commitments and that you investigate and educate yourself about the choices you will be making this week. Ensure the coaching staff and Club you choose has the experience and admin support to support your athlete’s growth and development and pursuit of post secondary playing goals in these very critical juvenile years and please ensure you understand the coaching philosophy with respect to court time. AVA signing date is December 11th.

For any further information please feel free to contact Shauna Denney  at 403 Selects at or at  1-403-969-7624.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration of this opportunity and help getting the word out that there is another option!

Please see our club Philosophy as well as an Events list with all the team competitions and club committments for the 2011/2012 club season.


Shauna Denney