Day 1

Premier 2 began against the St. Albert Royals. The first game started out with an exciting point

for point match. 17U 403 built off of the strong team bonds created in Phoenix and demonstrated great

team play. They even managed to win the heart of the ref, who actually clapped after an amazing dig

that resulted in a hard won point. Final score saw a 403 win 25-17.

The next set found the girls creating an early gap before a change in momentum and some

corresponding struggles for calm. A shift change stirred things up and the girls were able to pull it back

in to win 25-21. No third set required.

Purple and white were not so lucky in their game against Sylvan Lake Wave. Although they started out

with a strong 25-19, they lost the next two sets.

Game three had our u17s back in the driver’s seat with a two set win against Plamondon’s Fury. This

game was characterized by powerful serves and strong rallies.

The fourth game of the day started with a loss to SAVC lightning. Unwilling to give up, the girls came

back in the second game to pull out a win. Some wise words from Steve right before the last point did

the trick, and the girls brought it home. With some added confidence, the girls handily won the last set

setting them up for an opportunity to play for first and move up to division 1.

Day 2

17U and a happy set of parents and coaches got a little extra sleep on Sunday morning with a

10:15 start. The first set against EKVC found the girls still a bit on the groggy side. They lost the first set


The second set was the most exciting set of the tournament. It started out as a point for point game

and was tied up at 21. The game continued with some excellent rallies where each point was answered

one for one. Tied 24-24, EKVC scored, tied 25-25, 403 point, tied 26-26 nails were bitten. 403 conquered

at 36-34, and the moms all booked manicures while the dads looked for defibrillators.

Sadly, the third set ended in a defeat.

Not to be kept down for long, after a switch in venue, the girls won the next two sets against

Bonneville’s Rhinos 25-18 and 25-22. It was white jerseys against black jerseys and the girls

demonstrated solid blocks and cheers that allowed white jerseys to prevail.

The last game of the day and the weekend was once again against EKVC Wave. The girls fought it out all

three sets, and in the end, took the last set 15-3. A solid victory and finish.

Coach Steve was happy with the team’s progress. His aim is to as a team, continue to work toward the

long-term goals they hope to achieve, first at Premier 3, and then at Provincials in Edmonton.”