Day one: Along with the U15 and U16’s, the U17’s started out their Phoenix experience with a tour of

Arizona State University where they had a tour of the change rooms before they took the student store by storm.

Upon leaving campus, they were almost unrecognizable in their new burgundy ASU apparel.

The day ended with some time spent refueling at the Westgate Entertainment Centre and a few minutes

spread out on the lush, fake, Arizona grass soaking up the sun.

Day two: The girls converged on and, as Steve claims, “conquered” Camelback Mountain. Part of the

training or test of intestinal fortitude???

The afternoon found the Selects at the stadium resting their tired feet and taking in the atmosphere.

After a chance to hone their volleyball skills and get a feel for the court, they headed out for supper at

Buca’s. It was Italian, family style eating at its finest. After some coaxing, a reluctant Steve even shared

some of his generous plate of brownies.

Day three: Competition day number one started with a hearty breakfast, a bit of time in the pool and

some relaxation. On the court, the u17’s earned two wins and just one loss for second place position in

their pool.

An impromptu game of “Catch Phrase” broke out in the hotel at night. It was reportedly an intense

game of word slinging and potentially lethal controller passing. Part of their mental alertness training.

Day four: No good tournament to the USA is complete without some “speed” shopping at the Outlet

stores. The girls got their leg muscles good and warm with short distant sprints from store to store.

The pre-game shopping warm up proved effective as they once again placed 2nd in their pool during the

second day of competition. A couple days of bonding was noticeable as the girls really gelled on the

court and showed what they could do as a strong unit.

Final day: Monday saw the girls back in competition where they experienced all the ups and downs that

the game can offer. The girls played hard, but unfortunately, the game ended in elimination after a tough loss.

The plane home was boarded with a team of proud players who gained so very much more than time on

the court.

A heartfelt thanks to the coaches, parents and the team of organizers that made this great weekend

such a success!

Next challenge….Premier #2