Team trips are always a blast. The memories, the experiences, the people, but most of all, the great volleyball you get to enjoy. The trip to Winnipeg with the U16 403 Selects was unbelievable. The fact that we get to say we played with Canada’s National team and were trained by some of Canada’s best coaches is being modest. Not only was the quality of volleyball exceptional, but the bonding between teammates was instantaneous. The first words that come to mind when you ask Tatiana about the trip is; “it made our team a family”. Considering the majority of the girls have just met, it is the best feeling to be able to say that. Every member of our family is able to express how memorable the trip was and how much they have learnt and improved. We aren’t able to thank our coaches enough for giving us this extremely generous opportunity. Last thing us as a team can mention is all our new inside jokes. As Jess would say “the trip was dime”!

16U Team with Team Canada



16U Team with Junior Bisons