16AVA1.1Even though the weather outside was frightful, the 16U left Rally Pointe with well-deserved smiles, as they finished the weekend in the tie for 5th place. Saturday saw the team finish first in their pool, with one set lost in the last pool match of the day. The first cross-over game was handled more easily. There was challenge in the air on Sunday, as the team was facing Pandas first. In a most exciting match, all of our girls contributed to the every-point-matters battle, which saw our team take the win in 2 sets. The team ended the day with a defeat to the Canuck team, but proud of what they had accomplished.

Coach Carsten had this to say about the tournament:
“It was a great start to the 2013 AVA circuit and we were able to see where we fit in this year. There are so many good teams at the U16 this year and it will be very exciting volleyball in Edmonton in two weeks. We need to get back in the gym and work hard to rise to the next challenge. Well done team! As coaches we are proud of how you played, bonded with one another and represented the club.”