Proud. Proud of the effort, proud of the results but most of all proud of the wonderful attitude our 16U athletes demonstrated this past weekend at the first AVA of the season. A great weekend for volleyball and a showcase of how strong the respective club programs are in southern Alberta.

On Saturday the team played together and took the first three matches in rather convincing fashion. The cross over match, perhaps the most important of the weekend because of seeding implications going forward was played Saturday afternoon. Maybe it was a bit of over confidence or just being a bit fatigued but the 403 squad came out flat and found themselves at the very wrong end of the score after the first set. With the wakeup call delivered the team sprung to life. At the end of the match the girls delivered another win and left Saturday behind them with a perfect 4-0 record, ensuring themselves a spot in the group of seven with a first division ranking going into the next AVA.

Sunday morning presented another strong challenge as the 403 team faced the Dinos club. A tough match but at the end of the day the 403 Selects walked off the court with a well-deserved victory and a place in the semifinals. The semis were another tough match facing a squad who was granted a bye directly into the semis. 403 got behind and just could not get into gear in the match and lost for the first time on the weekend. However, there was still a very worthwhile goal to refocus on; third place and a chance to claim the last medal up for grabs.

Sports have the ability to deliver wonderful development lessons to athletes. This weekend it seems the learning came from the perils of coming out flat and having to find the means to battle back, a strategy that doesn’t always work. With that lesson learned the 403 athletes came out fast and came out aggressive. Two sets later they collected their bronze medals, cemented a top ranking going forward and continued to gel as a team.

Proud to be a 403 Select!