The coaches and parents could not be more proud of the 16U team.  The weekend has just wrapped up with our girls battling like warriors all weekend.  There was a small amount of trepidation on the girls faces as they arrived at Rally Pointe early Saturday morning to face other teams from across southern Alberta who compete in the 17/18U divisions.  As it turns out any worries were fast put at ease.  Coach Nick had been battle testing the team with scrimmages against a women’s league team and the old “school of hard knocks” paid considerable dividends this weekend.  The confidence that many of the opposing teams strolled onto the court with this weekend based on the fact they were playing a younger squad was quickly erased when they realized the 16U 403 Selects had come to play.   At the end of the weekend the girls finished the tournament in 4th place with all loses coming by pushing every team to the maximum number of games (or is that sets).  What an exciting start to the year!  Great job athletes on an exceptional showing in your first competitive experience of the season.