The first major event for our 15U team this season was our training camp. On Friday night, we all met in Olds at the college and trained for 3 hours. Then, it was off to Abby’s house for dinner, a team meeting with coaches and then a sleepover with all of our players in the basement. Our coaches stayed at Nova’s house and had some adult time.

The next day was all about the training – we had two sessions and watched the men’s and women’s college matches between Olds and Medicine Hat….it was great to see experienced players execute skills we are trying to learn and perfect every day in practice.

In the evening, we took time to discuss who we are as a team, who we want to be and what our goals are for the season….it was super fun to hang out, chat and all get on the same page. After our coaches left we had some movie time with popcorn and many of us were falling asleep early, totally exhausted from the day.

Sunday was the day we had all been waiting for…scrimmage time and our first time playing 6 on 6 against another team. And yes our coaches organized us to play and scrimmage with the Olds College Women’s team…Are you kidding me?!?!….WOW, that was so cool!!!

We were all nervous of course and totally scared and intimidated but after a few minutes we settled down and had an amazing experience competing on the court. The Olds Broncos players were incredible and really helped us get better as a team, they even took time after the almost 2 hours to give us advice and praise…we are so grateful to have these opportunities and the weekend ended amazingly!

Hard work and human interaction! Our pile is growing!

Go SELECTS Go! 🏐💪🏻💜