15U Training Camp in Canmore
January 6-8, 2012

The 15U girls kicked off the season with a fabulous weekend in Canmore, hosted by the charming and generous Pauls family. Each day was filled with concentrated training at a local school gym, punctuated by bouts of eating, movie watching, team bonding, hot tubbing and general silliness.
Coaches Carsten, Taryn, Pat and Lara, with characteristic enthusiasm, introduced the girls to what will be expected of them on and off the court this season – making for a group of tired but excited and well-prepared players, who have all happily embraced the new team drink of sea salt and lemon water.
The team enjoyed the expertise of Adam Wood and Arysta Bogner-Wood, who made a special trip to Canmore to deliver speed ropes to the girls and teach them skipping techniques that are now an integral part of the girls’ training.
The girls’ highlights of the weekend included jumping into the cold river behind the Pauls’ house after soaking in the hot tub, hanging out together and getting to know each other better.
A great start to an exciting season.