What a weekend to be a proud 403 Selects parent. The girls came together with smiles and positive attitude. You could see from the first moments that they hit the court, that they would play well.

On Saturday, the girls worked together in each line up. They played hard and well. Communication, team work and a drive to dig deep and play their best was evident and the results showed it. Pool play saw straight set victories over Fog Fury and Stealth, and a 3 set victory over the Panda’s for first in Pool B.

In terms of skills, one of the more noticeable things that made this day different is serves. It was clear that the girls hard worked hard on their serving. Not only were there fewer points lost but the serves were harder and well placed. There was also a refusal to give up. Not that the girls ever did but really dug deep for balls that in the past would have been missed. By the end of the day, while the girls looked exhausted, they did what they needed to for a win in the crossover match. Playing the Rhino’s in the crossover, again a 2 set victory ensured the girls a place once again in the top 8!

Sunday brought on a refreshed (even if they were still tired and time change “jet lagged”) group of girls who performed even better than Saturday. It was interesting to see how well paired the two squads were. There were games where one group of girls played a bit stronger and then other games where the other did. Kudos to Coach Corey for combining the two squads into a great match of team mates.

There were two amazing moments on Sunday. The first was in the semifinals against South Peace VC. The girls, down 6-15, dug in, rallied, and fought hard. They worked incredibly well together, came back and won an amazing victory 25-21 to take the match 2-0. It looked like the girls learned a valuable lesson (or maybe they had been coached well in advance) that you never give up. What made it even better was even when they were down in points, they never stopped smiling and having fun. That is what this game is about. Talk about resilience!

Yet, just playing the game seemed not quite enough. The finals brought on a rematch with the Dino’s. The girls fell behind in the first set 25-14, but the team went on to fight in the second set and reverse the outcome 25-13!. This brought on the third and decisive set, befitting a gold medal final. The third set was very close. Both teams were fighting for gold. Both teams wanted gold. In a back an forth battle, up 14-13, and 15-14 the Dino’s were tough and edged out a 17-15 victory. A silver lining for an amazing, well fought match. If this is a sign of what is to come it means that we are going to see some really good volleyball in the next Premier, Provincials and again at Nationals. WAY TO GO GIRLS. Your parents are so very proud of you.