Calgary’s Rally Pointe and Genesis Centre saw some amazing volleyball played this past weekend. At the first VA Premier for the 15u team, the girls played with grit and resilience to end up in second place.

Day One

In round robin play, the Selects’ first game was against ACE of Spades (Grey). After a couple of missed serves to start out the game, the girls found their stride and won the first set 25-11 and the second 25-18. The second match vs LVC Smash started out close with 403 pulling ahead from a 5-5 score with strong serves and hits to win 25-9. The second set led off with a 6-0 score and great serving runs led to a 25-10 victory. The third game was against Jaguars (Black) from Cochrane. The first set ended with an ace serve and a 25-12 win for the girls. The second set started out with 403 behind until the score evened out at 7-7. It was a close game until the 15’s pulled ahead and won with a score of 25-16. The girls were able to try out some quick middle sets and some step-arounds.

The crossover game versus SAVC started with some effective serving and blocking. Well placed hits and blocks, strong serving runs, and smart net play gave the Selects a 12 point lead. They finished off the set to a 25-11 victory. Excellent intensity and focus was maintained throughout the entire next set. A power serve followed by a killer hit took us to the 15th point. Two aces followed, and great hits, defence and smart ball placement ended the game at 25-11.

Day Two

In the quarterfinal game against the Cougars, 403 gave up the first point, but returned with a strong hit. Serving and ball placement gave the Selects the lead. Backsets and strong hits down the line caused Cougars 15u to call a timeout at 20-12. The set got closer and 403 lost some points at the net resulting in a 21-17 score. The girls refocused, set up some fantastic hits and a well-placed tip won the game at 25-20. Set two started out with the Selects behind after Mount Royal put up some effective blocks. The girls were behind 6-12 when they started to recover with a serving run. Even with a fantastic and well-timed block at 11-18, 403 just could not regain enough ground. A missed serve lost the first set at 16-25.

Although set three started out in Cougars’ favor – great serving and powerful hits were too much for the Cougars and brought the Selects a 15-5 victory.

The 403 15’s faced TSAVC in the semifinals. It was a nervous start for the Selects and a timeout was called at 1-7. Excellent defence by TSAVC, and continued errors caused 403 to fall behind 3-11. After a serving run brought the score to 8-12, the girls persevered, played as a team and continued battling until the Selects took the set 25-17. The girls continued to play confidently and won the next set 25-19.

403 faced the Dinos 15 in the gold medal match. Excellent blocking from the opponents shut down some of Selects strong hits and tough serving gave the Dinos a 7-2 lead. 403 fought hard, pulled ahead at 20-19 and took the first set 25-23. The Selects showed grit and tenacity but ended up losing the second set 17-25. In an intense and exciting third set the girls were determined, but ended up losing 10-15.

For their first AVA, the 15u Selects played fantastic. They now know what to focus on and are busy preparing for Premier #2. Thanks, girls, for some exceptional volleyball!