The 403 Selects brought a disciplined, well-trained team to the court at AVA 1 this cold winter weekend. 403 made it difficult for spectators to look away as they delivered spot-on serves, focused passes, outstanding serves and great hits.

Day One

Match 1 vs. SPVC was a tough wake-up call for the Selects. They were down 0-6 in Set 1 but after a time out, they battled back to tie the score at 13. Continuing to pass tough serves and dig hits, they maintained within 3 points but sadly could not finish off, losing Set 1 23-25. 403 worked equally hard in Set 2. Spectators would see some amazingly accurate passes, great sets and hits. The girls worked diligently together to perfect their offensive plays. Although they lost Set 2 17-25, the coaches were proud of their well-disciplined team work and improved communication. Playing against Canuck  Red was an arduous task with 403 finding it difficult to pick up tough serves. The girls fought hard but lost Set 1 10-25 and Set 2 21-25. The Blue Hawks brought their ‘A’ game in Match 3 and as much as the Selects worked hard to meet the challenge, they came up short. The Blue Hawks were a powerful team, quick moving and disciplined making it difficult for the Selects to find their rhythm. Losing Set 1 10-25 and Set 2 23-25 was difficult – although they picked it up at the end, the slow start worked against them and sadly they ran out of time. The cross-over game, played at Crescent Point Field House was an exciting match. Tied at 8, the Selects worked hard, trying to maintain their momentum. Sadly they lost set 1 17-25 but had an amazing next set winning 29-27. They worked hard in set 3, but sadly could not lock in a win.

Day Two

The first match of the day vs ICE saw amazing blocks and great serves. The Selects took a commanding lead with a first time out being called at 10-4. They continued through winning Set 1 25-14. The Selects continued making great plays and commanding hits in Set 2, winning 25-17. Match 2 vs. Dino’s was more difficult though. Although they had some great blocks and sets, the Dino’s took the lead at 9-6 and made it difficult for 403 to recover. It was an equally matched game but the Selects could not finish things off and they lost Set 1 21-25 and Set 2 20-25. The last match of the day vs. SEAVC Rattlers Gold was amazing!

The girls came together as a team, made great plays and handily won the match finishing 11th in Division 1.