The 15U 403 Selects competed in their first tournament January 19th, 2019 at the Queen’s Court Tournament at the JV Training Center. After a slow start to the day, they worked together to finish the tournament in third place. It was exciting to see how much the girls have improved already since the beginning of the season. 

403 won the first match against SAVC with scores of 25-12 and 25-11. It was mainly a serving game as both teams were getting to know each other and shaking the cobwebs out. The second set allowed 403 to solidify their defensive system for the rest of the day as we saw the girls digging balls and setting up some plays.

Immediately following the SAVC match, 403 played CHAOS, winning in straight sets again, 25-12. The second match was exciting as the girls began to feel comfortable both with their team and individual play. 403 confidence began to shine through and they demonstrated discipline as they were playing.

When they played the Rebels in the third match of the day, we began to see an increase in their offensive play. There were some beautiful sets so front row players could crush some hits. The rallies were picking up and lasting longer even though the serves were stronger. By the end of match #3, 403 pulled it together as a team finishing first in their pool.

When they played against TSAVC Black, they had clearly met their match. At 7-0, head coach Florin called a time out, hoping the team would regroup and gain some points back. Sadly, they lost that set 25-8. TSAVC’s serves were difficult to pick up but the team didn’t see it as a loss. As they prepared for Set 2, the coaches primed the team, reminding them of what they could do and the girls came on the court strong. Throughout Set 2, they served well, read the play and picked up some tough attacks. Although they lost 25-22, they played extremely well, talking on the court and being aggressive with their play.

They split their last match against TSAVC Grey 25-17 (in both sets). The girls played so well! The lost match against TSAVC Black clearly motivated them to not let a ball drop. They worked hard to pick up serves, block hits and lock in their offensive plays. They tied for second with TSAVC Grey but with the tiebreaker going to points, they ended up finishing third overall. The girls demonstrated outstanding play for their first tournament. Great job 403 15U! 

Queen’s Court Tournament allowed 15U 403 Selects a chance to delineate areas of improvement and celebrate their strengths. It was a great way for the girls to work together as we begin the club volleyball season. Thank you to Denae Benard, Lane’s sister and 16U 403 Selects player, for generously volunteering her time to lines every set.