403 Selects 15U brought their competitive side to VA 3, finishing 10th in Division 1. They were a steady force throughout the weekend, making opposing teams work hard during each match. The athletes demonstrated exemplary court coverage, excellent communication and sportsmanship throughout the weekend. It was so exciting to watch them play as a team, trusting each other to make plays that have been practiced for the last few months. 

Day 1

The day started with an 8:00 a.m. game against the Dino’s. As much as they enjoy the challenge of playing the Dino’s, the girls were a little slow to get started in Set 1, quickly behind 2-14. Through encouragement from their coaches and communication and movement on the court, the girls slowly started catching up, narrowing the gap. Although they worked hard, they could not catch up and lost set 1 17-25. Having gained momentum though, the second line came out strong and quickly won Set 2 25-20. Wanting to win this match probably more than any other, the third line came out strong and worked hard through the set. The game was battled point by point but 403 had an energetic competitive edge that the Dino’s could not quite contend with. Tied at 10-10, a time out was called, giving 403 coaches a moment to give the girls the pep-talk they needed. Coming out strong, they did not let a ball drop, directed some amazing passes to the setter who set up some beautiful plays for middle and power hitters. Finishing strong 15-11, the girls beat the Dino’s in Match 1. Match 2 vs. DCVC would also go to three sets. The girls continued to show excellent court awareness and communication. Set 1 would see targeted, strong serves and outstanding passes allowing the setter to make some beautiful plays. The Selects won Set 1 25-21 but sadly lost Set 2 17-25 and Set 3 7-15. Having lost the momentum from Match 2, they battled against SEAVC Rattlers Gold in the last match of pool play. With scores of 12-25 and 21-25, they finished 3rd in their pool leading them to play Blue Hawks for their cross-over match. The Selects sadly could not keep up to the Blue Hawks, resulting in them losing the cross-over match, ending Day 1 play.

Day 2

The girls arrived at the U of A main gymnasium with a quiet determination, focused on the match ahead of them. Inspired by enthusiastic parents, a hearty breakfast and their teammates’ new volleyball shoes, the girls came out strong as they played Elevate. Quickly winning the Match in 2 sets (25-23 and 26-24), the Selects were thrilled to maintain their Division 1 place. They continued to work hard vs. DCVC with some outstanding serves and serve-receive also resulting in a win. In their final match vs. Panthers for 9th place, the team lost a bit of momentum, having trouble picking up serves. Although they worked hard, they could not secure a win, finishing in 10th place in Division 1. The coaches, parents, and athletes were so happy to move up from 11th place to 10th to finish of VA 3. It was evident to spectators and coaches alike that 403 15U are indeed a competitive team not to be overlooked at tournaments. 

Overall Thoughts

Coach Florin was so very proud of his athletes this weekend. They played with determination and worked hard to secure their spot in Division 1. With his and Amy’s support and guidance, the girls played fearlessly, trying new plays and working hard to earn their points on offense through skill and technique, not winning matches on opposing teams’ errors. It was evident that the girls relied on the coach’s feedback and encouragement throughout the weekend, as they looked to the coaches for support and guidance during match play. 

The overall energy of the team was outstanding all weekend long. Many thanks to all of the parents for their continued positivity and cheerleading. We’re very fortunate to have such a supportive, cohesive parent group that encourages the growth and success of the team. A special thank you to the food coordinator(s) for their dedication to our athletes’ nutrition needs throughout the weekend. Thank you to our social coordinator who not only organizes activities for our athletes but also our parents (on these busy weekends) which is so appreciated. Thank you to our team manager who made parking a breeze and videoed all of the matches. Having a successful tournament for our athletes takes everyone’s effort in some form or another and this weekend exemplified PACT. We’re looking forward to 403 Selects playing some great volleyball at provincials!!