Demonstrating outstanding teamwork, the resilient 14U team gave their opposition some fierce competition. They celebrated their wins together and looked at every ball as an opportunity to cheer each other on. If the goal of the coaches was to create a synergistic group of athletes, it seems they’ve attained it early on in the season.

Day One

The first match of the tournament was against Canuck Noir. They won in two sets 25-11 and 25-12. Spectators saw outstanding digs, kills, and rallies. The team wasn’t letting a ball go down without a fight. The second match, against SEAVC Rattlers White brought another win in two sets, with scores of 25-19 and 25-12. The third match brought some stiff competition with Aces Black and the Selects lost a tight set 26-28 and then, having a lost a bit of momentum, were defeated again 16-25. It set the tone for the level of competition the 403 girls would face for the rest of the tournament.

Undaunted, the Selects did not see it as a loss, but as an opportunity to be determined and earn their spot in Division 1. And earn it they did! Upon arrival at Robert Thirsk School, the Selects rallied together and defeated SEAVC Rattlers Gold. In the first set, they won 25-20, but they met a bit of adversity in the second set with a loss of 18-25. The third set allowed the Selects to stretch their legs a bit and demonstrate their skill, determination, and teamwork with a 15-4 win.

They kept the momentum going in the last match against CAQVC Extreme. The first set, a win of 25-16, demonstrated the Selects will to win and they finished the day with a strong 25-8 victory in the last set. Although having played 14 sets throughout the day, the athletes showed little fatigue – just enthusiasm and excitement for exceptionally played matches.

Day Two

In quarter-final action, the 14’s were up against TSAVC. The Selects started strong with a 25-20 win, battled through a loss in set 2 but won set 3, 15-6, moving onto semi-finals against TSAVC West. The evenly matched teams gave the spectators an exciting match to watch.

They lost set 1, 23-25 and also lost set two moving 403 Selects down to the bronze medal match. We should have paid money to see that game…it was full of emotion as the girls put everything into it – diving for balls, crushing beautiful sets and blocking hits. It was wonderful to see their determination and team spirit. The bronze medal match brought the 403 Selects up against Aces Black again.

They played an outstanding match, splitting the first two sets, but were ultimately defeated in the last set. Rallying together through a very tough match, the girls celebrated their successes. The level of volleyball they demonstrated was remarkable, with endless rallies and digs, kills and blocks. They earned a hard-fought fourth-place finish in Division 1. There is no doubt their outstanding teamwork will bring them many more wins in the upcoming tournaments. Congratulations on the fourth place ranking in Division 1 403 Selects!!

Final Thoughts

This weekend saw a group of 12 young athletes come together to turn every serve, free ball and hit into an opportunity to improve their level of play, encourage each other and celebrate successes as a team. With a high level of trust between the athletes and the coaches, there’s no question where this team is headed. The coaching staff celebrated every play, regardless of the outcome, consistently reminding their team to have fun. When a loss was potentially looming, the girls were able to garner strength from their coaches, dig in and play their best. With all of these pieces in place, 403 Selects have set the tone for the rest of the season. Premier Tournament #2 is sure to bring a high-level of skill and play from all the teams and particularly from the 403 Selects.