The U14 team participated in the Peak U15 tournament this past weekend.  This was a big jump for them to go from playing triple ball at the AVA the weekend before, to playing U15 teams.  The girls struggled in their first set against a tough Ravens team, but they fought back hard in the second set to pull out a win at 26-24.  They went on to split sets with teams from Caroline and LVC.  They ended the day with a tough match against the Can West U15 Sharks, and despite playing well, lost both sets.

The girls came back Sunday morning, ready to play and full of determination.  They started the day with a loss to the TSA Orange, and then moved on to play the TSA Grey.  It was three very exciting sets, winning the first 26-24, losing the second 25-23, and pushing through for a win in the third set with a score of 16-14.  That placed them in the finals for the consolation side against the U15 Peak team.  It was another very even match with them splitting the first two sets, and the third set again with a score of 16-14, but this time not in their favor.  Still, a great showing this weekend, and thanks to the 403 U15’s for coming to cheer us on!

U15 PeakTournament-2