The 403 Selects should be extremely proud of their sportsmanship demonstrated throughout the weekend. They continually cheered each other on as they played each match. Their coaches were inspirational in celebrating their successes and coaching for skill development.

Day One

Match 1 vs. Dinos was a difficult start for The Selects. Although they lost both sets (scores: 9-25 and 20-25), 403 accepted the challenge of the difficult play, regrouped and brought a disciplined, responsive team to Match 2. Match 2 vs. Jaguars (Cochrane) would see the athletes working hard to get their serves in, picking up free balls and blocking hits. The Selects lost a hard fight Set 1 23-25 but hustled hard in Set 2 to win 25-22 even though they were down a whopping 10-1. An outstanding comeback through perseverance and grit, stronger serves and determination, 403 locked in a much-needed set win to take them to set 3. In set 3, they once again were down 12-9 but they came back winning 15-13 for their first match win. The last match in pool play was vs. SAS Green. They quickly took the lead in Set 1 sealing a win (final score 25-21) with good serves and smart passes. Set 2 brought well-placed serves and excellent defense from SAS Green making it difficult for the Selects to seal a win. They lost 18-25 taking us to a third set. Although the Selects passes were phenomenal, they lost 13-15 finishing third in their pool. The cross-over match vs. CAQVC was well-fought but unfortunately, the team could not secure a win.

Day Two

Match 1 vs Jaguars saw 403 at their best. The girls made some great serves and demonstrated amazing court coverage. They won Set 1 25-6. In set 2 the girls were making some powerful hits and they quickly won 25-15. Their second match vs CAQVC started a bit earlier than expected but the team was keyed up, hoping for another win. In Set 1, 403 called a time out at 5-10, hoping to reset and bring their A game back to the court. Working their way back up, another timeout was called at 19-20. Tied at 23, the Selects battled with some serves and serve receive but they kept in the game. Again, tied at 30, the teams fought for the win but the Selects lost 30-32. After another difficult set, 403 lost 23-25, finishing off the day and the tournament. They ended up tenth place in division 4. The girls should be proud of their determination and play.

Final Thoughts

Thank you to all of the volunteers that make volleyball possible for our athletes: photographers, food coordinators, and scorekeepers. The coaches worked extremely hard this weekend to nurture the love of volleyball in our athletes – thank you for the time you spend with 403 Selects. There were so many smiling faces on the court, supportive cheers from the fans and team hugs. Well done Selects!