With intensive training and determination, the 13U Purple Team wowed the crowd and their coaches with their play this weekend. They worked hard both on and off the court and brought home a silver medal from the Provincials.

Day 1

The early start time did not slow the Selects down, it only started them off on the right foot. In their first match against Jaguars, the girls showed everyone how much they wanted to win with their quick footwork and court coverage. Their serves were outstanding, hardly missing one throughout the match. With scores of 25-21 and 25-19, they quickly won Match 1 and started the tournament off with the drive to win. Using the momentum from their first win, 403 went into Match 2 (vs. EAVC) with a positive attitude. Demonstrating outstanding communication on the court, they picked up tips, blocked hits and had some hits of their own. They won all three sets with scores of 25-17, 25-18 and 15-7. Match 3 (vs. Westlock) allowed the Selects to work on their free balls, with the team passing some perfect balls to the setter for hits. Their footwork was outstanding as they showed their opposition that they were now reading the play and anticipating where the ball was going to be. With another great serving match for the Selects, they won all three sets 25-14, 25-18 and 15-11! In their cross-over match (vs. Wetaskiwin), the girls were feeling a bit fatigued from the full day of playing. Although they lacked energy at the beginning of Set 1, they found their determination again (from their coaches enthusiasm at the time out called at 8 – 10) and won 25-16. Again, their consistent serves contributed to winning the match. Coaches, parents and spectators alike were thrilled with the level of play 403 brought to the court and were so excited for Day 2 of the tournament.

Day 2

In the quarterfinal match vs. WHAM, 403 started off a little slow, most likely a little tired from the full day on Saturday. A time out was called by 403 at 11-13 and the talk worked as the girls dug in and got it done with a Set 1 score of 25-20. Set 2 was also difficult and a time out was called at 5-10. They were down 10-17 but they battled back, digging up balls and ensuring their serves were in. 403 tied it up at 18, found their momentum again and locked in a win 25-21, sending them to the semi-finals. In the semi-final vs. Ace, 403 was down 7-11, with the coaches calling a timeout to help the team reset. They came back on the court, determined to win and in no time at all, finished the set with a score of 25-11. Spectators and parents were impressed by the team’s determination, footwork, court awareness and skill level.  The Selects won Set 2 25-12 based on solid play and outstanding communication. In the gold medal match vs. CAQVC, the Selects battled each set but struggled to lock in the win. Set 1 was a very close game throughout but it just did not work out for the Selects, losing 23-25. In Set 2, the girls played extremely well. 403 was leading Set 2 18-12 and they continued to play smart winning 25-23! They played consistently throughout the set and it was evident they wanted to win. Set 3 was difficult for 403 and in spite of playing outstanding volleyball, they lost the set and finished with the silver medal for Division 3.

Final Thoughts

The 13U Purple 403 Selects athletes should be commended for their outstanding, dedicated work in the past months. They started the year in Division 4 and finished second in Division 3.  The extremely talented coaching staff and dedicated athletes are commended for their hard work to finish the year off in such a strong position. Your dedication to our athletes was evident through the excitement and passion seen both on and off the court. It was evident that the girls were at the center of all of the decisions you were making. Many thanks to all of the parents for your work throughout the season. We could not have a successful volleyball team without all of the parents, athletes and coaches working together (PACT).