It would be difficult to describe the excitement of the U13 girls as they entered Provincials this past weekend. Let’s just say they were pumped. The girls were unstoppable right from the start, winning every set and finishing first in their pool.

On Sunday, the girls did not miss a beat and were able to defeat their first two opponents in two straight. The opposing teams were not pushovers and our girls needed to dig deep a few times to refocus and surge when they needed to most. Each player was at the top of her game and they worked together like a well-oiled machine.

As they started their semi-final match against the team from Central Peace, it was clear that it was not going to be an ordinary game. The teams were so closely matched hit for hit and dig for dig that the game turned into one of epic proportions. Even the fans from both sides were caught up in the fervor and, at times, it was deafening on the floor. It was by far the best game the girls had played all season. Not only were their hits on fire, they did not let much hit the floor as they were in the right place to “up” some very hard shots from the other team. Their serving was extremely consistent and they were able to adjust to changing strategies from the other team. In the end, they were victorious in straight sets clearly earning their place in the gold medal game. Central Peace deserved high praise for their players and fans in an exciting supercharged match.

The gold medal game was a rematch against FOG Infinity, their opponents in the finals from Premier #1. Both teams came out very strong with excellent play on both sides of the net. Our girls continued to work as a team and provided many clutch plays and excellent second efforts. Sadly, they were unable to secure victory but no one should say it was a loss. The attitude, teamwork and skill they showed on the floor (and off) confirmed their recipe for success. Congratulation, U13 girls, on a truly amazing season!

 U13 Provincials-7