13U and 14U TryoutsFor our 13U and 14U teams, we’re very excited to offer the opportunity for 24 new athletes to join 403 Selects Volleyball Club for the 2011 season. Coaching staff is in place and bios are on the website. We’re thrilled to have two exceptional Head Coaches for each of these teams; Carsten Stanjeck at 14U and Diane Taylor at 13U.

For the athletes and parents entering the world of club volleyball, it’s a time filled with tremendous excitement, as well as great trepidation and concern about making the right choice. We strongly recommend you be proactive and educate yourself. There’s a lot to learn about the sport, the upcoming season, as well the procedure for each club’s selection and tryout process. The Alberta Volleyball Association website is a great resource for Club information and we’d encourage all potential parents and athletes to review this website. The site you’re on is a very good resource for information about our club.

The AVA website contains information that covers such topics as; what are acceptable recruiting practices prior to an athlete signing to a club on January 7th , 2011, verbal offers and AVA waiver forms, as well as information on the violations and consequences with regards to training as a team prior January 1st, 2011. There’s also several other critical pieces of information parents and athletes read and understand while making their Club decision.

As a club, 403 Selects wants every athlete and parent to be fully informed about their choices and we want to be a part of that education, but without pressure. Our goal is to have educated athletes and parents choose 403 Selects because they understand what we offer and because they want to belong to our club, not because they feel they don’t have a choice or that they have to make an immediate choice. We encourage you to research your options so you’re able to make that well informed choice, within a reasonable, agreed upon time and under no high pressure request from us. Rumour and conjecture can be rampant in the weeks before tryouts. If you’re interested in this club, please feel free to email or call any of the 403 administration to get the real facts. You’ll find our communication is open and honest for all athletes.

Some clubs, including ours, verbally offer athletes a secured place on a team prior to tryouts and in return, ask for verbal acceptance of that offer. The verbal acceptance secures that athletes spot. This is an approved invite by AVA and should be taken seriously by both parties. Neither athlete nor family should ever feel pressured to accept a verbal offer and commit to a team. Once you feel confident you have all the information you need to make an educated decision though, you should be prepared to live up to your word. A club offering a verbal commitment to you is doing so out of trust and is building their team around those verbal commitments! At 403 Selects we do ‘select’ athletes and issue verbally invites, but we also run open tryouts for the remaining spots.

We’ll be holding open tryouts for our 13U and 14U team rosters. Please pre-register on the website should you be interested in playing for us. We presently have 9 openings on our 13U team and 8 openings on our 14U team.